EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Moon saves a terrified Roxy Mitchell during a burglary! (VIDEO)


In next week’s episodes of EastEnders, Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) is to be left terrified after a hold-up at The Vic during which the mum-of-one will be petrified as she’s threatened by the burglar…

However, she’s to find an unlikely saviour in the form of Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) who manages to scare the would-be robber off!

The drama begins on Monday, May 6 when, after hearing from her GP that she’s in good shape to start trying for a baby with her lover Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) Roxy’s in a buoyant mood as she copes with a busy shift in The Vic…

However, when Kat calls in to pick up Tommy, she sees the leaflets Roxy got from the doctor’s surgery about pregnancy, and though she tries to cover her hurt, she’s left deeply upset that Alfie has clearly very much moved on, while she is of course still in love with him.

But as Alfie doesn’t want anyone to know that he and Roxy are trying for a family of their own, Roxy pleads with Kat to keep the news to herself, however, in the episode that airs on Tuesday 7th, Alfie’s found out that Kat knows, and he’s not happy with Roxy over it.

He later leaves Roxy to cope with the pub alone, and as she’s shorthanded behind the bar, Kat offers to help out, but Roxy rebuffs her. However, while Roxy’s distracted, newcomer Jozef – a worker who’s laboring on a nearby building site – tries to steal from the till, but Kat spots him and rushes behind the bar to stop him…


But Roxy explodes and tells Kat that it isn’t her place anymore and asks her to leave. As an irate Kat leaves, Roxy immediately regrets her reaction and wants to go after Kat, but she’s distracted once again by the busy pub.

Outside, Kat sees Jozef heading back into The Vic, and sensing trouble, Kat’s torn whether she should follow him or not. Meanwhile, Roxy’s upstairs alone, putting the money into the safe, but she’s terrified when she turns to see Jozef in the doorway!


In the episode that airs on Thursday 9, Roxy stands frozen to the spot as Jozef orders her to unlock the safe. Trying to conceal her fear, Roxy tells him that Alfie will be back any minute, but Jozef sees right through her lies and becomes more menacing…

Fearing for Amy, Roxy fumbles with the safe as Jozef’s threats and demands continue, but at the moment, Kat bursts in. She calmly tries to make Jozef see the enormity of what he’s doing, but just then, little Amy wanders in.


However, Kat continues talking to Jozef and asks if he really wants to go to jail for a few quid, and before long, he rushes past the women and flees, leaving them scared but unharmed.

Kat tells Roxy that she’ll help out in the bar while she gets a frightened Amy settled, but later, as Kat offers to stay behind and help tidy up, Roxy accuses her of only helping out to impress Alfie!

Understandably, Kat’s stung and immediately leaves, annoyed that her altruism has been misconstrued.

However, in the episode that airs on Friday 10, Roxy heads over to Kat’s stall to apologise for what she said, but it soon becomes apparent that she just doesn’t want Alfie to find out what happened with Jozef.

Will Kat land Roxy in it with Alfie? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next visit to Walford…

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