EastEnders Spoilers: Kat visits Alice, and starts to doubt Janine’s version of events over Michael’s death! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders carl, roxy, tina

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Thursday 12th December, Ronnie’s suspicious about where Roxy spent the night, so Roxy’s grateful when Tina covers for her…

As kindred spirits, Tina and Roxy head to The Vic and get drunk together. Meanwhile, Ronnie confronts Shirley over letting Roxy stay, but she soon realises Roxy actually stayed at Carl’s.

As Tina and Roxy get increasingly raucous, Ronnie and Shirley arrive and Ronnie drags Roxy home. Worried about her sister, Ronnie decides to secretly book three one-way tickets to Ibiza on New Year’s Day.

Elsewhere, Joey convinces Kat to visit Alice in prison, but when she arrives, Kat confronts a distressed Alice over the details of Michael’s murder. As Alice is in a state of total confusion, it becomes clear that Janine’s version of what happened that night is very different to Alice’s and that plants a seed of doubt in Kat’s mind…

EastEnders kat alice

Kat later tells Joey that Alice is a mess, but just as Joey thinks Kat’s on his side and might help prove that Janine’s guilty, Kat reveals that she thinks Alice is lying and add that she fully believes Alice murdered Michael.

Meanwhile, Janine considers a suggestion made by Alfie to buy The Vic, however, when Kat returns from seeing Alice and learns of this, she’s reluctant to trust Janine, and she shares her worry with Alfie.

EastEnders phil, dexter

Across the Square, as the pressure gets to Dexter, he clashes with Phil in the Arches and soon loses his job. Dexter goes off to confide in Lola, but misinterpreting her consoling actions as affection, Dexter makes a move on her…

EastEnders dexter lola

Embarrassed over his mistake, a vulnerable Dexter heads to Max’s house where Abi and Jay try to cheer him up, but Dexter snaps and reveals that Jay cheated on Abi.

EastEnders dexter abi jay

Later, Cora informs Dexter that Ava turned down a job in Newcastle for him, but Dexter doesn’t care. Cora then tells Ava she should follow her dreams and take the job.

Also in this episode, Cindy attempts to try and impress TJ by announcing she’s slept with loads of people – including Liam – which Ian overhears. Ian storms over to the Butchers’ to confront Liam and Bianca, and Cindy is soon forced to admit that she was lying.

When Ian and Cindy get back to the house, Denise attempts to calm Ian down, but to little avail.

Later, a grateful Cindy buys Denise a Christmas present, and whilst she’s paying, it’s clear she has a number of £50 notes.


Meanwhile, Terry reveals that he has a present for Bianca – a huge Santa light with ginger beard and hair – at which point Nikki arrives. Terry tells his ex that the kids will be staying with him for Christmas this year, but Nikki slyly comments to Bianca that she’ll be around for Christmas too…

Here’s a look at what’s coming up in the next episode…

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