EastEnders Spoilers: Kirsty Branning’s brother Adam wants to get in touch with her, but why?! (VIDEO)


Kirsty Branning is of course currently very much preoccupied by trying to keep up her lie about being pregnant to her husband Max (Jake Wood) so the last thing she needs right now is her violent brother Adam pestering her…

However, in next week’s episodes, that’s exactly what he does as he bombards her with phone calls, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Max. And of course, the last time he met with Adam, he got a beating for his troubles, so understandably, he doesn’t want him in their lives again.

So in the episode that airs on Thursday, May 23, just as Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) has finally plucked up the courage to admit to Max that she’s not pregnant, they’re interrupted by yet more calls from Adam…

Deciding to get to the bottom of it, Max quizzes Kirsty about the calls, and she confesses that Adam wants to let her know that her ex-boyfriend Carl has been released from prison. Kirsty then plays Adam’s voice message, prompting Max to reassure her that he’ll protect her and the baby from any harm.


In the episode that airs on Friday 24, Max calls Adam to tell him to back off, but Adam cuts the calls off time and time again. Infuriated, Max confides in a newly returned Jack (Scott Maslen) who comes up with a plan to get Adam and Carl out the picture.


Later, Max visits Adam and tells Carl to stay away from Kirsty, but Adam isn’t having any of it and punches Max. Suddenly Jack appears and steps in, before Max tells Adam to stop the phone calls and to tell Carl that Kirsty is not interested.


Back on the Square, Kirsty’s upset with Max for going to see Adam, and she knows that now, her troubles are far from over.

Here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…


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