EastEnders Spoilers: Kirsty sleeps with Carl to get money from him! And Carol agrees to move in with Masood! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly


When we rejoin the drama in Walford on Monday 11th November, Ian’s adamant that Peter stick to the story that a gang of kids were to blame for his injuries.

However, when David sees Peter on the stall, he questions him again over the culprits, suggestively mentioning about Ian giving evidence in Max’s trial.

Later, David tries to push Ian’s buttons by talking about the past, hoping to guilt-trip him into telling the truth about Carl’s involvement in Max’s arrest – for Carol’s sake – but Ian stays quiet.

David later tries to scaremonger Carl when he catches him off guard in Ian’s restaurant, but as a bewildered Ian looks on, Carl’s anger is palpable when David leaves.

EastEnders EastEnders

Meanwhile, David arranges to meet Ian in The Vic that evening, and he eyeballs Carl as he arrives. David tells Ian that he should do the right thing, but Ian warns that Carl will kill them both if he does. However, David says he doesn’t care and storms out, leaving Ian feeling torn as Carl glares at him from across the pub.

In the meantime, over at the Butchers’, Carol’s getting fed up with the commotion of having Terry and his kids in the house. As Carol prepares to visit Max in prison, David questions her about Max and Carl’s relationship, prompting Carol to suspect he’s up to something.

Later, on seeing that Carol’s upset and stressed with all the commotion at home, Masood makes her an offer to move in with him, but she’s unsure what to do.

That afternoon, Carol tries to control her emotions when she visits Max in prison, and he tries to convince her to take Masood up on his offer.


Elsewhere, after spending the night with Carl, Kirsty steals some money from his dresser to pay her debts, and tries to sneak out without waking him. However, Carl’s awake, but he pretends not to have noticed her actions.

Later, in The Vic, Carl takes pleasure in Kirsty’s discomfort when he tells her about the stolen money.


Across the road, Despite Cora’s determination, the loan shark arrives to repossess the Brannings’ possessions, and Abi, Lauren and Cora can only look on helplessly. However, Kirsty arrives just in time with Carl’s cash, but she lies to Cora about where she spent the night and how she got the money.

Also, AJ tries to cheer up Masood as he’s feeling down about David interfering with his and Carol’s relationship. Masood’s delighted though when Carol later turns up on his doorstep and accepts his offer to move in, putting his worries about David to one side.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up in the next episode…

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