EastEnders Spoilers: Kirsty tells Max Branning that she’s pregnant just as love struck Billy Mitchell nabs the flat they wanted! (VIDEO)

March 26th, 2013 by Lynn Connolly


We reported recently that Max Branning (Jake Wood) was to be in for a big shock when his wife Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) informs him that she’s pregnant…

And of course, given that Max secretly wants his ex-wife Tanya (Jo Joyner) back, the baby news brings him no joy whatsoever!

However, Kirsty – who formerly aborted Max’s baby when he left her to go back to Tanya last year – is delighted, and as the couple are about to put a deposit on a flat in the Square, she can’t wait to play happy families with Max and her new baby.

But Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is going to scupper the plan for the flat!

It all begins on April 2 as Ava (Claire Perkins) and her son Dexter (Khali Best) are becoming increasingly fed up of living in the B&B…

They were of course forced to flee their own home, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, after the gang that’s dogging the lives of Liam (James Ford) and Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) trashed Ava’s house.

Meanwhile, in order to show Ava and Dexter that they have the support of their family, Tanya organises the entire Branning family to meet at the B&B with a takeaway and few bottles of wine…


It all goes well, and Ava’s touched by the gesture, until that is Kirsty asks to join the party, pointing out that she’s a Branning too. Tanya tries to appear unruffled, but on seeing her sister’s discomfort, Ava tells Kirsty there’s no food left.

Undaunted, a determined Kirsty returns with more wine, but as the booze settles in and dancing begins, Kirsty can’t resist making snide remarks about Tanya…

By the time we see the episode that airs on April 5, it’s clear Kirsty’s outstaying her welcome at the B&B, so she urges Max to hurry up and secure the flat for them. He promises her he will and goes off to put down a deposit.

However, Ava has also spotted the flat and is trying to get hold of the estate agent to bag the property for herself and Dexter. Billy, who’s developing feelings for Ava, is delighted to hear that Ava will be sticking around, and he immediately takes it upon himself to rally the Square’s residents into donating items for Ava’s new home.

When he later turns up with a lot of stuff that the Square’s residents have given her, Ava’s touched by the gesture but sadly tells Billy (Perry Fenwick) that someone else got in there first and the flat has been let…


Overhearing this, Kirsty gloats, thinking that Max has secured the tenancy and she even opens some bubbly to celebrate, however, her joy is short lived when Billy tells Ava that he put down the deposit on her behalf!

He explains that he’d heard that Max was trying to get the flat, so he – with Tanya’s help – got in there first.

Kirsty is of course livid, and angrily tells Max that Tanya only helped Ava to get at them. Max tells Kirsty to stop being ridiculous and as Kirsty once more goes on about how Tanya’s “always there” Max reiterates that he has to see her as they have the kids to think about…

And that’s what Kirsty drops her bombshell, telling Max that she’s pregnant and adding that now, they have this “special bond” that Max keeps going on about whenever Tanya’s name is mentioned.

So how will Max react to Kirsty’s news? And will Ava and Billy become an item?

Find out soon! For now, here’s a sneak peek look at the next visit to Albert Square…

EastEnders Spoilers: Kirsty tells Max Branning that she’s pregnant just as love struck Billy Mitchell nabs the flat they wanted! (VIDEO)
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