EastEnders Spoilers: Kirsty will sign the divorce papers, but is she really going to be out of Max and Tanya Branning’s lives now? (VIDEO)

kirsty and tanya branning, eastenders

Fans of EastEnders will know that Tanya Branning is having to put up with having a glamorous cuckoo in her nest in the form of Max’s wife Kirsty, however, in next week’s episodes, things are going to take a surprising turn…

That turn being that Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) apparently admits defeat and vows to leave Walford. And not only that, she signs the divorce papers that Tanya (Jo Joyner) had drawn up – having previously scrawled the word ‘NEVER’ across the document in red lippy – and hands them to a befuddled Max (Jake Wood).

But surely it can’t be that easy?

Well, time will tell if Kirsty comes good and actually goes, leaving Max and Tanya to repair the damage done to their ailing relationship, but her about turn comes after she’s paid a visit by Max and Tanya’s daughter Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa).

The Radio Times reports that Lauren will tell Kirsty, “This ain’t your home and it’s never gonna be!”

kirsty and lauren branning, eastenders

And apparently, Kirsty’s mind is made up about leaving the area after she finds she’s receiving a frosty reception everywhere, even at the Vic where she is of course working.

As we’ll see next week, after handing the signed divorce papers to Max, Kirsty then gets into a taxi with her bags…

kirsty branning eastenders

However, as Max sees her about to leave his life for good, will he stop her or will he let her go? Or will she in fact change her mind and stay after all?

Well, as mentioned above, we’ll have to tune in next week to find out, but for now, here’s a sneak peak look at tomorrow night’s episode, when Max sends a cold front Kirsty’s way in the café…

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