EastEnders Spoilers: Lauren Branning & Jake Stone get passionate while Abi orders Kirsty to leave their house! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly


With Max Branning (Jake Wood) in prison – he was of course arrested on suspicion of tampering with the brakes on Carl White’s car – his family is struggling to cope without him, both financially and emotionally…

But while Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) finds solace in the arms of fellow recovering alcoholic Jake Stone (Jamie Lomas) her sister Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) is resenting Kirsty’s presence in the family’s home more and more.

And as we’ll see next week, she decides she wants Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) out!

The drama begins on Monday 16 September when Lauren and Abi are still disagreeing over Max, with Abi insisting they should go to stay with their mum Tanya. However, Lauren still doesn’t believe her dad cut Carl’s brakes, but Abi is unrelenting in her anger against her dad, blaming his love for women as the route of all their problems, including her failing her exams and Lauren’s drinking.

And later, while looking over Max’s legal and financial documents, the girls worry when they realise how much it’s costing the family to have Max out of action, making Abi more certain than ever that they should leave their dad to sort out his own mess. However, it’s clear Lauren can’t bring herself to.


On Tuesday, having come to a shocking decision, we’ll see Lauren and Abi arrive at The Vic with bags in their hands, asking to speak to Kirsty…

As Lauren begins to talk, a frustrated Abi interrupts and bluntly tells Kirsty that they don’t need another mother. Kirsty tries to pacify her, and as she brings up the subject of the girls moving to Tanya’s, they quickly put her straight – they’re not moving, but they have packed her stuff, and want her to move out!

As Abi rants at Kirsty that most of this mess is her fault, Kirsty snaps and she bluntly points out how much she’s done for them recently. Poor Lauren’s caught between the two as they both stand firm, but as Lauren suggests that Kirsty should stay, Abi storms off.

On Thursday, as Lauren arrives at her much-needed counselling session, she bumps into Jake who she hasn’t seen for a while. She asks if everything’s ok, but he explains that he’s going through a difficult time and would like to talk after her session, so he hands her his number.


When Lauren later meets up with Jake, he tells her that he’s split with his wife due to his drinking, and as the two talk, Jake asks to see Lauren again, telling her to call him any time.

On Friday, Abi announces she’s got a job at McKlunky’s to help pay the bills, but Lauren doesn’t want her to work, knowing it will affect her studying if she does. Instead, Lauren applies for a cleaning job, but she’s disappointed when she’s turned down.

Later, a disheartened Lauren calls Jake, wanting to talk to someone who really understands what she’s going through.

Lauren arrives at his bedsit and they talk, but things soon heat up and they begin kissing passionately…

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Don’t miss that drama next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode…

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