EastEnders Spoilers: Lauren Branning meets Jake Stone at her alcohol counselling session & he’s instantly smitten! (VIDEO)


As we reported recently, Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) is headed back to Walford after a stint in rehab as she tried to get her drinking under control, and though at first she’s sure she can stay away from booze, when her mate Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) confesses that she slept with Joey Branning (David Witts) it all starts to fall apart for poor Lauren…

However, as we’ll see in the episode that airs on Thursday, August 15, Lauren’s due to attend her first therapy session, but she’s terribly nervous and not convinced it’s going to help.

But in the waiting room, she encounters fellow recovering alcoholic Jake Stone (Jamie Lomas) and as the two start chatting, it’s clear he’s interested in Lauren.

And as it turns out, the counselling session goes well, and Lauren feels able to tell her therapist many things that she would normally never reveal, but after the session, Lauren sees that Jake’s been waiting for her, and he apologises for making a joke about the therapist, Mary, as he’s worried he may have made the session difficult.


However, Lauren assures him he didn’t, and she leaves Jake, who is clearly smitten. But in Friday’s episode, there’s more trauma ahead for Lauren when she finds Whitney helping Joey out at R&R…

Deciding to stay and help too, Lauren tries to confide in Whitney and Joey that she’d been tempted to drink the night before, but she’s put out when both of them are horrified and unable understand why she would even consider drinking again.

Angry, Lauren leaves, but later, she plucks up the courage to go back and tell them they’re hypocrites, remarking that at least she resisted the temptation of alcohol, unlike them, who couldn’t wait to sleep together as soon as she’d left!

Is this the end of Lauren’s friendships with Whitney and Joey?

Find out soon, but for now, here’s a look at what’s ahead in the next episode…

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