EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter’s Page 3 days are the talk of the Square as Kirsty takes revenge on Max! (VIDEO)

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When we return to Albert Square on Thursday 9th January, it’s as the Carters are preparing for their first engagement party at The Vic for Ian and Denise.

Ian is fussing over the food for the party, and heads round to see Mick to discuss it, unhappy to find out that Linda will be the one cooking…

After her coldness towards him, Johnny offers Linda his help in the kitchen with the hope of spending some time together. Finally thinking he has got through to her, Johnny is caught off guard when Linda suggests he gives it a try with Whitney.

As a revealing page 3 picture from Linda’s past surfaces, Dexter can’t resist taking the opportunity to snatch it. He later takes pleasure in showing AJ and Fatboy in The Vic, and Linda is oblivious that they are leering at her. Johnny is furious when he realises, but Linda couldn’t care less, infuriating Johnny even more.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Fatboy argue when she catches Fatboy looking at Linda’s page 3 picture causing Poppy to stomp out of The Vic.

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Denise is initially self-conscious about wearing her new dress to her engagement party but after Lola convinces her to show it off; she soon takes pleasure in looking great. However, Ian knocks her confidence when he suggests she covers up and she heads to the ladies to compose herself. Fatboy follows Denise to make sure she is okay and it’s not long before the pair find themselves unexpectedly kissing…

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Max is still adamant that he wants nothing more to do with Kirsty. With no Carl and nowhere else to go, Kirsty drowns her sorrows but it’s not long before Shirley gives her some frank advice leading Kirsty to take matters into her own hands and get her revenge on Max before leaving Walford for good…

Bianca recounts the events of last night with Terry to Kat, who is unimpressed with her behaviour. Bianca feels guilty and heads round to Terry’s apologise, only to be interrupted by his ex-wife Nikki. Confused about what to do, she seeks David for advice, who advises her to stay clear of him.

Lauren lies about where she spent the night to Max, and later finds it awkward when Sadie tries to be friendly at Ian and Denise’s engagement party.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up on EastEnders…

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