EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter’s upset her son Johnny is gay & will Ian propose to Denise?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
EastEnders the carters

EastEnders the carters

When we rejoin the drama in Walford on Monday 6th January, it’s as Linda struggles to hide her feelings after learning the truth about her son, while Johnny worries about telling her that he is gay.

Johnny overhears Linda’s outburst to Mick, but his dad reassures him that she just needs time. Shirley can’t resist telling Linda that she is a bad mother, which leads to Linda insisting that Shirley leaves for good.

Soon Linda can’t contain her anger any longer which leads to Shirley inadvertently revealing to everyone in The Vic, that Johnny is gay. Despite Mick’s best efforts, Linda admits she can’t accept her son’s sexuality.

Wayne pays Nancy a surprise visit at The Vic, but Nancy manages to get him out before Mick catches them together. Wayne tells her he’s moving into the B&B so they can be closer, which pleases Nancy despite fears about her dad.

Ian has new ambitions for the restaurant, and worries Peter and Lucy with his sudden change in attitude…

Later at the stall, Ian loses his temper with Peter over nothing, and Sharon tries to diffuse the situation. It’s clear that Ian is struggling, and he confides in Sharon about his failed plans to propose to Denise.

EastEnders denise

That afternoon, Ian decides he wants to propose, and asks Denise to meet him at home urgently. Waiting nervously with the ring for Denise to arrive, Ian gets a shock…

Lola blurts out to Billy that she and Peter are looking for a place together. Billy is worried about losing Lola, and unexpectedly offers for Peter to move in to his place instead. Phil is adamant that it can’t happen, sparking an argument between him and Billy.

EastEnders billy lola phil

Kirsty comes looking for Carl at his flat, but is stunned to find that Terry has moved in and that Carl is nowhere to be found. Later that day, Kirsty receives her divorce papers from Max.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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