EastEnders Spoilers: Michael Moon tells Alice he wishes he’d murdered Janine! And David continues his scheming… (VIDEO)


When we rejoin the Walford action on Friday 11th October, the drama begins as Michael confronts Alice for giving Janine the idea of changing Scarlett’s name to Butcher…

But as an upset Alice flees, Michael’s stunned to receive an injunction from Janine to stop him seeing Scarlett. As a frightened Janine hides inside the house, Michael sits on her doorstep playing the waiting game.

As he does so, Michael begins to devise a plan to get back at Janine as she remains trapped inside. Whilst passing, Alice reminds Michael he’s breaking the terms of the injunction already, and adds that he should pull himself together before he loses Scarlett for good.

Later, Janine’s forced to leave the house when she runs out of nappies, but Michael soon catches up with her, warning her to revoke the injunction. Terrified of what Michael might do, Janine tries to keep her cool, however when he threatens her again, she fights back by announcing to everyone that Michael tried to strangle her!

As she warns that she’ll have him arrested if he takes another step nearer, Michael’s left publically humiliated, and although he backs down, an idea starts to form in his head.


Later, Alice confronts Michael about what he did to Janine, and she’s stunned when he admits he wishes he had finished her off. Alice quickly packs a bag and tells Michael she’s going to stay with Tamwar, however, Michael soon calms down and thinking quickly, begs her to stay, but what will Alice do?


At the hospital, Dexter’s taken down to theatre for his operation, and although worried, Ava sends Cora away, telling her she’ll call with any news. Dexter’s operation goes well, and the news filters through to Cora and Dexter’s friends, who’re all relieved.

It’s soon Sam’s turn to go under the knife, and Ava’s relief is palpable when the two men in her life begin to recover.

Back on the Square, David repays his loan to Janine and propositions her to work with him again, but she tells David it’ll have to wait. David then visits a stunned Ian who’s shocked to see he’s back in Walford. Ian remains strong though and reminds David that he has everything he’s ever wanted, while David has nothing.

And finally, Whitney’s delighted when she’s offered the assistant teaching job, but when Masood suggests celebrating by cooking a curry, David takes on the challenge to better Masood and uses Cindy to get steaks from Scarlett’s with a family discount, which infuriates Ian.

Don’t miss all that drama next week, but for now, here’s a look at what’s ahead in the next episode…

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