EastEnders Spoilers: Michael Moon uses Alice to spy on Janine! (VIDEO)


In next week’s episodes of EastEnders, we’ll see that Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) is still determined to get his daughter Scarlett back from his estranged wife Janine…

And he spots the perfect opportunity to at least get a spy into Janine’s camp – in the form of smitten Alice Branning – after he sees that Janine has hired a new nanny for Scarlett.

The drama begins on Monday, May 13 when, having seen Scarlett with a stranger, Michael confronts Janine (Charlie Brooks) who smugly informs him that she’s a very expensive and very qualified nanny – unlike his nanny Alice – and adds that he should be glad his daughter’s now in good hands.


Stung by her words, Alice feels intimidated by Janine, however, later, Alice sees that Scarlett’s new nanny is distracted while she’s on the phone, so, seizing the opportunity to help Michael out, Alice (Jasmyn Banks) quickly takes Scarlett in her buggy and races round to Janine’s…

Janine immediately fires the nanny and announces that from now on, she’ll be looking after the baby full-time herself. However, Alice volunteers to be Scarlett’s nanny, but initially, Janine rebuffs her.


However, after struggling to cope on her own, Janine later has a change of heart and asks Alice to be Scarlett’s nanny. Buoyed by her success, Alice rushes to tell Michael the good news, and although he’s pleased that his manipulation of her has succeeded, Alice is soon disappointed when it becomes clear he’s only interested in her so he can keep tabs on Janine…

In the episode that airs on Friday 17, Alice is anxious ahead of her first day at work with Janine, but Michael continues to manipulate her, saying she’s doing the right thing. However, Alice’s day doesn’t get off to a good start as she’s clumsy due to being intimidated by Janine.

Later, Alice considers leaving, but when she realises that Janine’s nervous about how to deal with Scarlett, the tension is eased and Alice gives Janine some advice to help her out.

When Alice later reports back to Michael, he’s pleased to hear that Janine can’t cope with the baby alone, but will Janine figure out that Michael is getting news about her from Alice?

Find out next week!

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