Eastenders Spoilers: Neil McDermott leaving… Ryan Malloy to die?

Neil McDermott is planning to leave Eastenders.

The hunky actor – best known as Whitney Dean’s older brother Ryan Malloy on the BBC soap – landed himself in hot water earlier this year when he was revealed to have cheated on his wife Michelle with a sixteen year old fan.

The star is now said to be keen to work on repairing his marriage and wants to take a step back from the world of showbiz for a while.

So how will he leave? Well The Daily Star Sunday thinks that bosses are planning to kill Ryan off, possibly in a fight with his sister’s former pimp Rob Grayson (Jodi Latham).

Speaking about Neil’s departure a source said:

“Michelle felt totally humiliated after everything came out about Neil’s one-night-stand. He put her through so much that it took her a while before she could entertain the idea of even talking to him, let alone getting back together.

“It’s been a tough few months for them both as Neil had to come to terms with what he did when his daughter was just six weeks old.

“His whole world came crashing down around him – and he deeply regretted what he did.

“But he held his hands up, publicly apologised to Michelle and Arabella for the hurt he caused and, luckily, Michelle found it in her heart to give him a second chance.

“Once he leaves EastEnders he’ll have a lot more time to spend with her and their daughter. He is planning on taking some time out while he looks at new projects for the future.”

Scenes have already been filmed at the pier in Southend, in which Ryan is said to confront his sister Whitney and evil Rob. A source confessed:

“Ryan has always been a pretty dark character. “He fell in love and married Janine, one of the most manipulative characters on the Square, before losing Stacey Branning and their daughter, which further fuelled his darkness.

“So when he comes face to face with the man who pimped out his little sister he’s not going to hold back. “The scenes are going to be explosive. The fight ends with a dramatic cliff-hanger where viewers will be left wondering if either of them survives.”

Eastenders bosses are staying tight-lipped about how the storyline will end, but they did confirm his decision to leave saying:

“We can confirm Neil is leaving EastEnders. It was a mutual decision that was made before Christmas when Neil’s contract came up for renewal and we wish him all the best for the future.

“His exit storyline will be dramatic and fans will not be disappointed.”

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