EastEnders Spoilers New Year’s Day: Ronnie covers her tracks while Carl’s missing! And Denise is embarrassed (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders ronnie roxy

On Wednesday 1st January in a double-bill, Ronnie secretly disposes of the champagne bottle she used to hit Carl the night before. Ronnie later sees Roxy on Carl’s doorstep and tries to make peace. Roxy hides the fact that Carl didn’t come home last night from Ronnie, and when Roxy later bumps into Kirsty when looking for Carl, Kirsty convinces her that Carl has already moved on.

Ronnie asks for Phil’s help but he is annoyed when she reveals she has Carl held in The Arches. Phil is angry at Ronnie for involving him when he is trying to have a normal life with Sharon, but he soon enjoys finally getting his revenge on Carl.

Ronnie steps in before Phil goes too far, but she proves that she is a true Mitchell with her own threats. Ronnie and Phil think they have finally forced Carl out of Walford, but Carl is still lurking in the shadows and he wants revenge.

It’s the morning after the night before at The Vic, and Johnny announces he is going to Nancy’s wedding, leaving Linda in shock. Mick tries to convince Linda he didn’t hide anything from her, and Johnny eventually manages to get them to come along.

EastEnders mick linda johnny

At the wedding despite his best efforts, Mick realises he can’t let Nancy marry Wayne, and kidnaps her from the ceremony.

Tina creeps out after her night with Billy, and Cora is shocked to see them together. Billy manages to persuade Tina to stay for breakfast, but she is eager to get away.

Denise is embarrassed about her drunken heart to heart with Masood, as she struggles to remember her actions. They agree they will never speak of it again, and Denise blames the drinking for her outburst.

In the second episode, Ronnie is at Phil’s trying to make arrangements for Ibiza, but someone is watching her from outside. Amy soon knocks on her front door, and just as Ronnie is about to call Roxy, she is stunned to see Carl behind her.

carl ronnie eastenders

Carl implies that he has taken Roxy hostage before threatening her. Carl takes some of Phil’s money he kept behind from the sale of The Vic, and claims they are now even.

Ronnie rushes to The Arches looking for Roxy, but Carl is there in the dark waiting for her. She sees her only chance to escape and, taking matters into her own hands, gets rid of Carl forever…

Heading back to Carl’s flat, Ronnie finds Roxy lying in the dark and thinks Carl has killed her. However Amy soon wakes Roxy up and Ronnie leaves unseen and starts packing her bags. Ronnie and Roxy reconcile when Roxy thinks Carl has left for Paris without her, and they leave for the airport to catch their flight to Ibiza.

However, Phil finds Carl’s broken phone amongst Ronnie’s things covered in blood and is alarmed by the thought of what Ronnie has done to Carl.

Alfie is without a job and Kat is worried about their finances, but Alfie has a genius idea to make some cash from a blind stock auction. Alfie persuades Tamwar to give him a pitch at the market, but he soon realises he may have a problem with his products.


Nancy is furious after being kidnapped from her own wedding by Mick, but her parents try to convince her Wayne is bad news. Mick and Linda think Nancy is upstairs sulking, but instead she has escaped out her window and has gone to see Wayne.

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