EastEnders Spoilers New Year’s Eve: Has Ronnie killed Carl? The Carter family throw a party in The Vic (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly


On New Year’s Eve, Tuesday 31st December, it’s the anniversary of James’s death, and Ronnie is struggling with her emotions as she debates whether to go to Roxy for comfort. Ronnie changes her mind about visiting James’s grave, however Lola persuades her to go.

Roxy is still at Carl’s when she cancels Ronnie’s calls.

Carl reveals he has planned them a surprise trip to Paris for the next day, to which Roxy excitably agrees. Later, Roxy feels guilty about not being there for Ronnie, but she still packs for Paris instead of Ibiza, leaving Ronnie annoyed that Carl has convinced her.

In a last ditch attempt Ronnie offers Carl a deal of five grand to leave Roxy alone, but Carl has other ideas of how she can pay and lunges for her. Ronnie fights him off and enraged she hits Carl with a champagne bottle, leaving him unconscious.

At The Vic New Year’s Eve party, Johnny avoids Danny’s eye and allows everyone to think he kissed Whitney last night, but Shirley knows he is lying. Johnny continues to flirt with Whitney but Danny soon moves in to tease Johnny about last night. Shirley later confronts Johnny about his lies, and tells him he should be fair to Whitney and leave her alone.


During the festivities, Mick shows Shirley the wedding invite. His daughter Nancy is getting married tomorrow to a man they hate. Mick doesn’t know how to tell Linda, so he hides it.

As the party in The Vic is in full flow, Mick and Linda sneak off for some alone time but Mick doesn’t realise he is still miked up to the karaoke…

EastEnders EastEnders

Sharon is still angry at Phil, and his flirtatious attempts to win her round appear to fail, despite Phil asking her and Dennis to move in with him. However, Sharon reveals she will be spending New Year’s Eve at The Vic, so Phil hatches a plan to win her back. At the end of the party, Phil finally proves to Sharon that he is committed, by kissing her in-front of the whole pub as Shirley watches on, and Sharon finally agrees to move in with him.

Peter is adamant he wants to stay at the party even though he knows Lola will be there, but Dexter and Fatboy are worried about things getting awkward. When Lola arrives, Peter realises he’s made a big mistake, and begs Lola to take him back. Lola gives in to her feelings, and they share a kiss before leaving hand in hand.

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