Eastenders Spoilers: Patsy Palmer will visit women’s prison to research storylines

Patsy Palmer has admitted that she is planning to make a visit to a women’s prison before she returns to Eastenders, so that she can get a feel for her character’s supposed experiences.

The actress’s alter ego – Bianca Jackson – exited the BBC soap earlier this year, after she was imprisoned for a violent attack on her step daughter’s boyfriend Connor Stanley.

Palmer was of course on maternity leave at the time and talking about her preparations to return to the role, she explained:

“I have no idea what it’s like inside a woman’s prison so I’m planning to visit one for research. I’m sure Bianca is coping fine though, she’s so fearless and gobby.

“I love playing Bianca but she was always miserable. But after her experience in prison I think we’ll see a softer side to Bianca which will be a new challenge for me.”

Patsy’s departure was hastened when she went in to labour early but she hopes her return will better explain some of the questions left unanswered by her sudden exit.
She added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I wasn’t planning to leave for another three weeks so when my waters broke they had to write me out quickly.

“My final scenes had already been filmed so everything had to be rewritten and reworked to explain my absence.

“But in the end lots was left unexplained and all this will come out when I’m back in Walford and out of prison.

“I start filming in the autumn and will be on screen before Christmas and I’m really excited as I’ve got some great storylines coming up.”

Patsy may be slightly out of touch with the goings on in Walford when she does make her comeback, because she recently admitted that she rarely watches the show anymore.