EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Mitchell does a nice thing for Shirley Carter! Has he grown a soul?! (VIDEO)


As fans of EastEnders will know, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) has been living at the B&B of late…

However, when she got a letter telling her that her benefits had been cut, she soon realised that would mean she could no longer afford to pay rent at the guest house, and needed to make other arrangements soon.

But when no other accommodation in her price range turns up, Shirley ends up spending the night in the arches, which prompts her ex Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to uncharacteristically do her a favour!

As we’ll see on Monday, July 22, as Denise (Diane Parish) is sorting through the stuff Shirley left at the B&B, she discovers Shirley’s letter from the benefits office which states her benefits have been cut.

Meanwhile, Phil finds the lock at The Arches has been forced open, only to then discover Shirley sleeping in one of the cars. Phil then buys Shirley breakfast, and she bluntly tells him she was only sleeping in the car because she was thrown out of the B&B as Kim (Tameka Empson) has too many guests.


Phil offers to lets Shirley have a shower at his place, and while there, she pointedly tells him that he’s all on his own these days and states that she was the best thing that ever happened to him…

Phil’s bemused and leaves Shirley to have a bath while he heads to the B&B to confront Kim. When he arrives, Denise tells him Shirley wasn’t thrown out but her benefits have been cut so she can’t afford to pay the rent.

Phil then pays for Shirley to stay a couple more months at the B&B, but tells Denise not to tell Shirley that the money came from him.


Is Phil softening in his old age? Or does he, as usual, have an agenda for his kindness?

Find out soon! For now, here’s a look at the next episode…


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