EastEnders Spoilers: Phil tells Alfie he’s had his Capri crushed & vows he’ll be out of The Vic by Christmas! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders phil, kat, alfie

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Monday 9th December, Alfie returns to The Vic after throwing the bust through Phil’s window.

Panicked, he tells Kat they have to pack immediately, but stubborn Kat refuses to leave and goes to speak to Phil. Meanwhile, Roxy warns Phil that if he hurts Alfie, they’re finished. So Phil hatches an alternate plan to get back at Alfie!

Kat though realises that Phil won’t let Alfie get away with his earlier stunt, and she has a suspicion that Phil will hit Alfie where it hurts. Later in The Vic, as Phil revels in the fact that the pub is full so he has a big audience, she’s proved right when he announces he’s had Alfie’s beloved car crushed. He also tells Kat and Alfie that they will be out of The Vic by Christmas.

EastEnders phil, alfie

Elsewhere, Sadie prepares for a dinner party with Ian and Denise, and she invites Max to come with a date. However, as he has no-one else to go with, he takes Lauren…

An increasingly uncomfortable Jake makes his way through the evening, but Lauren uses various opportunities to toy with him. Jake just wants Lauren to go home, but as a hurt Lauren snoops around Sadie and Jake’s bedroom, she’s caught by Sadie…

The pair talk and, thinking Lauren’s feeling down about her drinking, Sadie offers her a job at Beauty over Christmas.

Meanwhile, Joey tries to confide in Kat about Janine, but Kat makes it clear she wants Alice to go to prison for what she’s done. Joey returns to Janine and tells her he was trying to get Alice to plead guilty, but Janine’s suspicious when Joey asks her to keep this information from Carol.

Later, Janine visits Carol and discovers that Joey was lying, so she goes back to him, revealing that she knows the truth as she tells him it’s over.

And finally, Cora is unimpressed when she realises Dexter’s pulled another all-night bender, so she goes to see Ava, but soon realises something isn’t right. Later, a guilty Ava visits Dexter who upsets her with a barrage of insults. Upset herself, Ava reveals to Cora the truth about why she asked Sam to leave.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead in the next episode…

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