EastEnders Spoilers: Poppy and Fatboy’s good deed pays dividends! But how will they tell Dot they’re moving out? (VIDEO)


Coming up on next week’s episodes of EastEnders, Poppy (Rachel Bright) and Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) are desperate to get enough money together to put a deposit down on a place of their own…

So when Alfie (Shane Richie) tells Poppy that auctions are a great way to pick up bargains to resell, she and Fatboy decide to try it out.

At the auction, they buy a set of suitcases which nobody had claimed from a lost property department. They have no idea what’s inside but hope that it’s stuff that they can then resell on the market…

When they get back to the Square to check out what’s inside the cases, as Fatboy’s chuffed to find an old and possibly valuable watch, Poppy finds a letter inside her case. The letter has details of the case’s owner on it, so, feeling guilty for taking advantage of someone EastEnderselse’s misfortune, Poppy suggests to Fatboy that they contact the people in the letter and reunite them with their lost property.

Which leaves Fatboy with a dilemma; should he keep the watch and not tell Poppy about it? Or should he follow his kind-hearted girlfriend’s lead and return it to its rightful owner?

Well, as we’ll see in the episode that airs on Tuesday 26th, Poppy asks Dot (June Brown) if she can use her house for the meeting with the owner of the lost bags, and is pleased when Dot says she can.

Later, the owner of the bags, Sheila, arrives and is grateful to Poppy and Fatboy, telling them that her husband is seriously ill and that recovering their lost property is the best thing that’s happened in ages…

However, when Sheila reads the letter that Poppy found, she’s horrified to learn that her husband had been about to leave her. The turn of events leaves Poppy wishing she’d never contacted the bags’ owner.

On Thursday 28th, still upset over the suitcases debacle, Poppy reassures Fatboy when he tells her that he doesn’t think they’ll ever be able to save for a deposit and move in together. However, when Sheila turns up again in Walford, she tells Fatboy that she wants him to keep her husband’s watch as a thank you for his and Poppy’s kindness.

Overjoyed, Poppy and Fatboy are thrilled when they realise that by selling the watch, they’ll be able to afford a place to live, but how will Dot take the news when they break it to her?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…

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