EastEnders Spoilers: Ronnie threatens Carl & Whitney’s smitten with Johnny! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders ronnie carl
We rejoin the drama in Walford on Monday 30th December as Ronnie worries when she catches Roxy creeping home after another all-nighter with Carl. Her concerns grow when she finds cocaine in her bag from Carl but Roxy insists she hasn’t taken any. Ronnie decides to take matters into her own hands and warns Carl to stay away but he isn’t fazed by her threats.

Still determined not to give up she tries to convince Roxy that Carl tried it on with her. The three have it out and Carl manages to plant doubt in Roxy’s mind which drives Roxy back to Carl. Carl informs Ronnie that he knows about Ibiza and Roxy won’t go, leaving Ronnie ready for a fight.

After a bumpy start Johnny and Whitney hit it off, making the family proud that he is a hit with ladies already. However, Johnny is aware that Danny is flirting with him and after learning that Danny is bisexual a drunken Johnny later kisses him but little does he know Shirley has seen.

EastEnders johnny whitney

Lucy tries to get her job back at Butcher’s Joints but Billy insists he can manage on his own. However, after a busy morning Billy realises he can’t cope alone and asks her for help. He is so grateful when Lucy gets everything back in order that he offers her her job back. However, Lucy informs Billy she is now in charge and rehires Danny, who she promises to give a flat to live in.

Peter reveals to Dexter that Cindy stole Phil’s money and, feeling bad for his friend, forces a scared Ian to give it back to Phil. Phil is livid with Ian but Sharon calms his raging temper and knowing she is good for him agrees to give their relationship another go.

phil, sharon, ian, peter eastenders

Later, Sharon rubs her relationship in Shirley’s face but Shirley gets one back by telling Sharon Phil tried it on with her last week. A furious Sharon confronts Phil and tells him she won’t be his rebound, leaving Phil worried he’s blown it.

The Carters’ decide to throw a New Year’s Eve party in The Vic and Mick bonds with the men of Walford. However, it’s clear he’s hiding something when Mick doesn’t tell anyone about a wedding invitation he receives in the post. Meanwhile, Linda is surprised when Shirley sticks up for her and it looks like the pair will bury the hatchet but then Shirley shows her true colours.

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