EastEnders Spoilers: Are Shirley and Phil getting back together? Or does he have another mystery lover? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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In the last visit of the week to Albert Square on Friday 27th December, Linda’s livid when she wakes up to find that Mick has agreed to let Tina and Shirley move in…

But Mick eventually convinces her to let them stay, delighted to have reunited his family.

Mick and Shirley have a lot of catching up to do, but it’s clearly a new beginning for the Carters as they all rally together to get the pub ready. However, they soon discover they have hardly any stock left after Kat and Alfie’s stunt.

With the pressure building, Linda and Shirley nearly come to blows, but Mick quickly intervenes. Later, Mick approaches Alfie and Kat for help, but they won’t intervene, which annoys Shirley.

With no other choice, Shirley flirts with Phil while asking him for help, and he soon makes it clear he is interested in her…

Will Shirley reignite their romance?

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Also, after a change of heart, Alfie arrives at The Vic with supplies, and he and Mick quickly strike up a friendship, which leave Alfie feeling he has closure about losing the pub.

Later, Linda swells with pride as The Vic opens for the first time with the Carter’s in charge.

the carters eastenders

Elsewhere, Sharon’s angry at Phil for not realising that he sold The Vic to the Carters, and Shirley takes delight in rubbing it in Sharon’s face…

Over at the pub, due to the lack of Wi-Fi, Linda gets upset when she’s unable to speak to her eldest son Lee, who’s in the forces overseas. But later, after an initially terse conversation with Sharon, Linda soon explains her situation and Sharon offers to help.

It’s not long before the two women discuss their mutual dislike of Shirley, and later, Sharon’s pleased when she sees Shirley has messed up already.

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Meanwhile, when Danny gives Lucy a belated Christmas present, Peter’s reminded of how much he misses Lola…

peter, cindy eastenders

Later, Peter finds Cindy’s stash of money and realises that she stole the money from the camping trip, which belongs to Phil. Peter thinks this could help the situation between Ian and Phil, but his hopes are dashed when Ian tells him not to say anything.

ronnie roxy eastenders

Also, Ronnie’s annoyed when she discovers Roxy lied to her about going shopping, when she has actually been with Carl. Worried about Roxy’s developing relationship with Carl, Ronnie reveals to her sister that she’s booked for them to go to Ibiza.

Meanwhile, Billy tries to run Butcher’s Joints without Janine, and Terry comes in enquiring about a flat.

Here’s a look at the Christmas trailer…

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