Eastenders spoilers: Sonia and Bianca Jackson to face cancer scares after Carol’s diagnosis!

by Lisa McGarry
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Sonia and Bianca Jackson will both face their own cancer scares after their mother’s brush with the deadly disease, we can reveal this morning.

Eastenders’ Carol Jackson carries the faulty BRCA2 gene and was seen on the BBC series being diagnosed with multi-focal breast cancer in a recent storyline.

On Friday night viewers watched as she opted to have the BRCA gene testing, so that she could make her daughters aware of the risks to their own health.

When the test returns with a positive results both Sonia and Bianca Jackson opt to be tested also and devastation ensues when one of the women is found to also carry the faulty and life threatening gene.

Lindsey Coulson, who plays Carol on the BBC show, told The Sun that the storyline has been personally difficult for her and explained:

“I have daughters aged 21 and 13. The idea they would go through this is awful.”

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Lindsey researched the disease thoroughly before embarking on the storyline and even met with breast cancer sufferers last year. One gave the star her diary, to help her better understand the feelings and process that take place after diagnosis.

“It was an honour for me to read,” she told The Telegraph. “I wanted to layer some detail and the writers are brilliant if I phone up after reading a script and say, look, don’t take me to the pub now, I need to go home and sleep because it’s the third day after chemo.”

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“I suggested Carol drinking mint tea and green tea because I’m quite fired up about the nutritional side. For a while, I was so immersed in it, I almost believed I had cancer myself. It is a big fear for all of us. I’m following an alkaline diet, having read about the links between sugar and cancerous tumours. I’m interested in whether someone like Carol would have that knowledge too.”

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