EastEnders Spoilers: Steve McFadden (Phil) “torn” over Barbara Windsor return!

by Anna Howell

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Following his on-screen mother making a brief EastEnders come back earlier this year, Steve McFadden has admitted that he is torn over whether he would like her to come back to the show full time.

Barbara Windsor has pretty much been the iconic face of EastEnders ever since she took on the role of Mitchell Matriarch Peggy back in 2004, but announced her decision to leave her Walford home back in 2010, getting a walking off to the distance exit as Peggy headed for a new life in Spain.

With the door left firmly open for her, we were all treated to a brief comeback earlier this year when, after hearing that her son Phil (Steve McFadden) had been in a car crash, Windsor briefly reprised the role as Peggy visited her son in hospital.

This return sparked wild-spread rumours that Windsor may be making a full time return to the show, but according to Steve McFadden who plays her on-screen son Phil, he isn’t sure that would be the right thing for her to do.

Discussing the possibility with Soaplife, McFadden explained:

“I loved Barbara being back in the show for that single episode, but I want what’s best for her. She’s a great friend and we’re very close – more than work colleagues.

“But I’m kind of torn between what I want for her as a colleague and what’s best for Barbara. Barbara’s a huge influence in my life. She’s taught me all sorts, like how to roll with the punches and be professional.”


However, on the subject of whether his on-screen brother, Grant (played by Ross Kemp) could make a welcome return to the Mitchell family, he continued:

“I haven’t heard from Ross for ages so I don’t know if he wants to come back. There have been a few brothers since the Mitchell brothers, haven’t there? I think it would strengthen the Mitchell family if Grant came back and therefore strengthen EastEnders.

“You need your established characters, like Phil and Ian who’ve been in the show for ages, and familiar faces to give it continuity – and even the Queen Vic is a sort of familiar face. But you need dynamic new characters too.”

eastenders pat butcher frank butcher

On the future of Phil, McFadden admitted that he is hoping for happiness for his character in the form of a big white wedding, adding:

“Remember when Frank Butcher married Pat in the Square? There was a massive street party and a horse and carriage? That’s what I’d like for Phil! He’s never done anything like that. He’s in this love triangle at the moment – torn between Sharon and Shirley.”

EastEnders continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on BBC 1 / BBC 1 HD – Watch the official Christmas trailer for it in the clip below: