EastEnders Spoilers: Tamwar Masood (Himesh Pitel) gets mugged… By Liam Butcher’s (James Forde) gang!

by Anna Howell

Poor Bianca Butcher is set for more heartache in EastEnders when she finds out her eldest son, Liam, is connected to the thugs responsible for mugging new market assistant, Tamwar Masood!

Fans of the award-winning BBC soap will know how recently Liam (James Forde) has been going spectacularly off the rails, bunking off school and shoplifting, but his behaviour is set to spiral even further out of control when the gang he has taken up with mug Walford regular, Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel), Digital Spy reports.

Liam’s mum Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) is currently at her wits end with Liam’s school threatening to report her for his continual truancy, meaning she could end up being sent back to prison, something she very clearly never wants to happen again.

However, truancy is the least of her worries when, in an upcoming storyline, the thugs that Liam hangs about with attack Tamwar and steal his money belt whilst he is working as the new market inspectors assistant early next month.

According to reports the gang turns violent against the former stand-up comedian when he tries to stand up to them after they begin running amuck in the market.

The mugging shocks everyone in Albert Square, but it is soon clear that Liam is involved when the gang leader Kane (Harry Rafferty) gives the money belt and a wad of the cash to him!

However, Bianca is far from suspicious as Liam’s school behaviour has started to rapidly improve, even resulting in her getting a letter home from the school full of praise for Liam’s recent turnaround. But when she later discovers school headed paper stashed away in Liam’s room, Bianca soon realises that her son forged the letter and in actual fact hasn’t changed in the slightest, especially when she also discovers the money belt.

The question is, what will Bianca do when she knows her son was involved in the mugging?

Find out when EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12 on BBC1/BBC1 HD.

Watch an interview with Patsy Palmer, who plays Bianca, in a Loose Women appearance last year in the clip below: