EastEnders Spoilers: When Bianca’s in trouble with police, Kat helps her out and Alfie helps Kat out! But has it cost him his romance with Roxy?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

kat, roxy, bianca, eastenders

In next week’s episodes of EastEnders, poor Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) will be horrified when she learns that not only has her son Liam (James Forde) been bunking off school, but also that the dresses she and Kat are selling on their stall were nicked!

Her bad week begins when the police arrive on her doorstep having caught Liam truanting, and enquiries at his school reveal that it’s far from the first time…

Angry, Bianca (Patsy Palmer) tells Liam that if he carries on bunking off, she could go back to prison if the local authority chooses to press charges against her. A blasé Liam laughs that that won’t happen, but as Bianca gets more and more angry, he storms off!

Later, while on the stall, Bianca tells Kat (Jessie Wallace) that she thinks perhaps Liam’s avoiding school because of the state of his old trainers, but as the dresses that Bianca bought off her mate are selling so well, she reckons it’s only a matter of time before she can buy him new ones…

However, when Bianca returns home to once again see the police outside, she immediately assumes it’s to do with Liam again, but she’s horrified to hear that the dresses she’s been selling were taken during a warehouse robbery in which a guard was injured.

bianca, liam, police, eastenders

The police tell her that the security guard is in a coma, and add that her name came up during the course of their investigation. However, just at that moment, Kat tells the officers that the stock is down to her and Bianca has nothing to do with it…

The next morning, we see Kat wearily appearing from inside the police station to find Alfie (Shane Richie) waiting for her outside. Grateful that he’s there, Kat hugs him and they then find a café, where they have a chat.

kat, alfie, eastenders

Meanwhile, Roxy’s frantic about where Alfie could be, so when he turns up and tells her that he’s been walking around all night, she doesn’t believe him.

However, when Alfie tells Roxy (Rita Simons) that he’s come to a big decision about him and Kat, will it be good news for Roxy, or something she doesn’t want to hear?

alfie, roxy, eastenders

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…


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