EastEnders Spoilers: When Kane and the gang are released on bail, a panicked Liam Butcher plans to flee Walford! (VIDEO)


In the episode of EastEnders that airs on April 1, Liam Butcher (James Ford) is still in hospital recovering from being stabbed, and his frantic mum Bianca (Patsy Palmer) is juggling visits to him, working on the stall and taking care of her other kids…

However, there’s good news when DS Bain arrives at the hospital to tell Liam and Bianca that gang members Chris and Kane – among others – have been arrested in connection with the stabbing.

But while Bianca heaves a sigh of relief, Liam’s afraid of the consequences of the arrests, fearing that the gang members will want retribution.

Back on the Square, after a stressed and exhausted Bianca breaks down in Kat Moon’s arms, it’s clear that everything that’s happened has exacted a toll on the single mum, so Kat (Jessie Wallace) gets Carol (Lindsey Coulson) Jack (Scott Maslen) Ray (Chucky Venn) and Whitney (Shona McGarty) to rally round to show Bianca that she’s not alone.


Buoyed by the moral support of her family and friends, Bianca later goes back to see Liam and tells him that everyone’s standing by him and will be there for him when he’s home…

However, DS Bain calls in again to say that Chris and Kane have been released on bail, prompting Liam to become more fearful of what they’ll do. It’s then that he tells Bianca he’s going to go and stay with his dad Ricky for a while.

In the episode that airs on April 2, Liam tells a devastated Bianca that he doesn’t want to put her in harm’s way by sticking round in Walford, but still, Bianca doesn’t want him to go.


So when Liam’s discharged from hospital – and in the episode that airs on April 5 – Bianca panics when she finds Liam’s left the house. Fearing he’s either with the gang, or has run away, she frantically searches for him…

However, she’s relieved to find that he’s visiting Ava (Claire Perkins) and Dexter (Khali Best) at the B&B and has even taken some of his own belongings to give to them in order to help them set up home again. They were of course forced to flee after the gang trashed their home.

But does this mean Liam’s staying? Or will he still choose to go to stay with Ricky? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next visit to Walford…

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