EastEnders Spoilers: While Ian Beale’s busy trying to win back Denise Fox’s heart, Cindy Jnr arrives in Walford! (VIDEO)


Long term fans of EastEnders will of course remember the heartache that Cindy Beale put Ian Beale through, what with her affairs and worst of all, her arranging a hit man to shoot Ian!

However, regardless of everything that she did to Ian (Adam Woodyatt) he was devastated when he heard that Cindy had died while giving birth to her daughter – who was also named Cindy in honour of her mother – but of course, life moved on…

And now, Ian’s dating Denise Fox (Diane Parish), but as we’ll see next week, he’s got a lot of making up to do with Denise after he once again manages to upset her! But while he’s busy doing that, he’s set to be stunned when Cindy Junior arrives on the Square…

The drama begins on Monday, August 19, when we’ll see that Ian manages to get Denise to help prepare the canapés for Sadie’s salon opening, but she soon finds herself making them on her own.

With time running out, Denise ropes in Kim (Tameka Empson) to help, but when they arrive at the salon, Kim’s attention soon turns to the treatments and Denise is left serving alone.

As the pressure gradually mounts, Denise becomes increasingly frustrated that Ian hasn’t arranged any help for the event, but at the restaurant, Ian’s becoming overwhelmed by everything, including the lack of staff, money and the increasing pressure from Carl (Daniel Coonan).


On Tuesday, we’ll see that having had enough of being treated like a skivvy, Denise has broken off her romance with Ian, but he’s desperate to make amends. Realising he has to do something fairly spectacular to show Denise how much she means to him, Ian ropes Peter (Ben Hardy) in to help convince her to go to the restaurant later for a special dinner.


When Denise later arrives at the restaurant, Ian pulls out all the stops to impress her, and despite his initial attempts failing, Denise starts to soften and the couple manage to get things back on track. Peter’s pleased, but his mood quickly changes when they arrive home and he sees someone has broken in, but they’re stunned to see Cindy Junior (Mimi Keene) sitting there!


On Thursday, when a worried Peter tells Ian not to be suckered in by Cindy’s sob stories, Ian insists that Cindy is going back to Devon, but later, Cindy manages to talk Ian round and he has to tell Peter and Lucy that for now, Cindy will be staying…

But why is Peter so worried? Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…

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