EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison says Shirley Carter is jealous of Andrew Cotton

by Lynn Connolly

As fans of EastEnders will know, unlucky in everything Heather Trott has finally found love in the form of Andrew Cotton (Ricky Grover), however, according to Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather, her character’s BFF Shirley Carter is jealous of Andrew.

And of course, that’s because for years, Heather has been the go-to gal for anything Shirley (Linda Henry) wants or needs of her, but now that Andrew’s on the scene, Heather won’t be as readily at Shirley’s beck and call.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Cheryl – who’s also starred in two episodes of Doctor Who as well as The Bill, The IT Crowd and Little Britain – explained, “There has always been friction between Shirley and whichever man Heather gets involved with.

“I think she was even jealous of baby George when he was born. That means there’ll be serious sparks as the friction between Andrew and Shirley grows…

“We’re talking fire and brimstone! And that’s going to bring out this other side of Andrew once more.”

The “other side” of Andrew that Cheryl mentioned is of course his volatile temper, which has largely been the reason why Heather was initially hesitant to get involved with him.

Of that aspect of Andrew’s personality, Cheryl said, “Heather has put her trust in Andrew in a very short space of time.

“Recently she walked into the café to see Andrew turn over a table in anger, so she knows he has a temper.

“But Heather really wants things to work out.

“She’s aware there are alarm bells ringing, and whereas in the past she would have totally ignored them, she’s more wary these days.

“But when better things override that and he’s her lovely Andrew again, it’s all fine.”

We are of course about to see Andrew and Heather become engaged, however, their happiness is to be short-lived as it’s been reported that Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) will murder Heather next month, or soon after.

It remains to be seen whether Heather will see her dream of getting wed come to fruition before she dies.

Bless her. Here’s the moment Heather and Andrew kissed for the first time…

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