EastEnders star Jo Joyner says of Tanya and Sharon Rickman scenes, “We’ve had some very feisty moments!”

When Sharon Rickman returns to Walford next week, she’ll almost immediately get off on the wrong foot with Tanya Branning…

And that’s because after Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) does his knight in shining armour routine – and not only rescues Sharon from a very unpleasant fiancé but also gets her little boy Dennis back for her from the clutches of said fiancé – he drops her off at Max and Tanya’s house.

He then has to rush off to explain to his own fiancé Shirley (Linda Henry) why he ran out on their engagement party, leaving Sharon, still wearing her wedding gear, with Max (Jake Wood) who offers Sharon some of Tanya’s clothes to wear.

So when Tanya walks into her house, not unreasonably, she’s shocked to see the pretty blonde in her clothes with Max fawning all over her, as he’s wont to do with any woman with a pulse.

Tanya instantly bridles, but when Max and Sharon (Letitia Dean) explain the situation, empathetic Tanya warms to her, and things get a good deal more civilized.

In fact, Jo Joyner, who of course plays Tanya, has revealed to What’s On TV magazine that her character and Sharon are going to become BFFs in time.

She said, “We definitely start things off a little bit ropey.

“They start off definitely a bit rocky like anyone would with Tanya if they’ve been found in her kitchen with their husband, especially someone as gorgeous as Tish.

“But it’s been really, really good fun. We’ve worked together quite a bit recently and I’ve loved it because she’s lovely to work with.

“We’ve had some very feisty moments and they are just finding their ground and circling each other for a bit and then they end up quite getting on.”

Sharon’s last major friendship with a female in Walford was with Michelle Fowler, and here’s a reminder of that big haired, shoulder padded relationship…

As mentioned, we’ll see Sharon’s dramatic return next week.

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