EastEnders star June Brown wanted to be a doctor but lacked the confidence to follow her dream!

june brown

June Brown is of course a legend in her EastEnders role as Dot Cotton, however, in an interview with TV Biz this week, she’s revealed that in her younger days, she’d wanted to become a doctor!

86 year old June, who joined the cast of EastEnders in its first series back in 1985, said, “In my early days I might have liked to have done something with medicine.

“I think I would have quite liked to have been a doctor. But I decided not to stick with it because of the long training.”

She added, “I wouldn’t have had the confidence to trust myself as a doctor…

“As soon as somebody questions me, I wonder if I’m wrong. I don’t have an enormous amount of confidence.

“We weren’t instilled with confidence as children, and we were told you should be seen and not heard.”

june brownHowever, though June reckons she lacks confidence, she hasn’t been found wanting in terms of sheer energy and determination, as not only does she cope with the hectic filming schedule at ‘Enders, but she’s presently also appearing in Sue Perkins’ new sitcom Heading Out.

She plays the role of Sozzie, the “eccentric and posh” grandmother of Sue’s gay vet character.

Of her role in the sitcom, June said, “I always like to play characters that are different to Dot.

“Sozzie is the complete opposite in every way. She speaks very loudly because her hearing isn’t particularly good and she’s a little fond of the drink.

“Not only that, but she’s also, unfortunately, going slightly demented! It gave me freedom to be larger than life.”

She added, “Sozzie is very upper class, which was fun because I am very particular and pedantic about language in real life.

“As Dot, I am always using double negatives such as ‘I don’t want nothing’. I think Dot’s grammar is appalling.

“So it was nice to speak properly for once. Well, my definition of properly, rather than Dot’s.”

June makes her debut in the show on March 26. Heading Out airs on BBC2 at 10pm on Tuesdays.

Here’s the show’s trailer…

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