EastEnders star Lacey Turner says of Stacey Branning, “She’s an unlucky rebel with a massive heart!”

by Lynn Connolly
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Fans of EastEnders will know that Stacey Branning is headed back to Walford, and though we’ve already seen her briefly – when Kat (Jessie Wallace) spotted her – her return storyline really begins on Monday 17 February…

And as we see Kat track her niece down, we’ll also see that Stacey has a lot to hide, but hey, when hasn’t she?!

She has of course been on the run with her daughter Lily for several years after confessing that she murdered Archie Mitchell, so inevitably, she must’ve led something of a double life since she vanished from Albert Square…

Actress Lacey Turner has been speaking to The Express about returning to the show and to the role of Stacey, and first, she said, “I may have left EastEnders over three years ago, but the show has always been in my heart, as has Stacey, and she has never really left my side.

“I’m so excited about returning and seeing what the future holds for her.”

And when asked if she had to “think twice” about reprising the role of Stacey, Lacey said, “No, I was very excited. I love the show and it’s such a massive part of my life.

“I feel like I grew up here as I was 16 when I started on the show. It was lovely to have a break and try other things, which was why I left in the first place…

EastEnders jessie wallace lacey turner

“But it’s also very nice to come back. It’s like coming home. Like when you’ve been on a long journey. You get home and think, ‘Thank God, I’m home!’

“I was really nervous for the first hour. But after that it felt like I hadn’t left – as if I’d come back from holiday and was a bit rusty.

“My first scenes were with Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie (who plays Alfie Moon). So it was great to be back with them and we always have such a laugh. Shane is so funny.”

Of how fans have reacted to the news that Stacey is headed back to Walford, Lacey said, “You can’t help but love a character like Stacey. It really is nice that people are so excited to have you back on a show.

“Sometimes people still call me Stacey when I’m out and about [and] I love playing her. You just don’t know what she’s going to do next…

EastEnders stacey branning

“She could react to something calmly or blow-up in your face. You just don’t know!

“She’s an unlucky rebel with a massive heart.”

Are you excited to see Lacey back as Stacey?

You can click here to go to the show’s website where you’ll find all the latest clips and spoilers!

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