EastEnders star Nicola Stapleton talks Ian Beale’s marriage proposal to Mandy Salter!

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders star Nicola Stapleton has been telling Soaplife a little more about how her character Mandy Salter is about to become the next Mrs Beale, if she accepts Ian Beale’s proposal that is!

As fans of the show will know, Mandy and Ian (Adam Woodyatt) have become very close very fast, since he rescued her from the clutches of a violent pimp a few weeks ago.

And now, Ian’s set to propose to Mandy, but will she accept?

Nicola said of Ian and Mandy’s romance, “He gives her stability and makes her feel safe, and I think he likes her because she’s full of energy, life and naughtiness.

“He starts to buzz off it.”

However, Mandy, being the flirt she is, sets her sights on Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and when asked why she does, Nicola said, “Because he’s good-looking and successful! She’s constantly flirting with Jack and Ian gets really jealous…

“Mandy enjoys winding him up.”

Ian’s reaction to Mandy’s flirting is to offer to take her for a day out, but as she’s less than impressed with his standard family car, he goes off and buys a new one to impress her!

However, when Ian makes an offhand remark to Mandy, the mood is very much ruined…

Nicola said, “Ian’s trying to be cool like Jack. He makes a suggestive remark and it comes out all wrong and sounds a bit seedy.

“It actually hurts her because it takes her back to those days of being abused and her feeling like men only treat her one way.

“She takes Ian’s golf clubs and smashes up the car.”

But regardless of her actions, Ian’s still intent on proposing to her.

Of that, Nicola said, “Mandy tells Ian she’s come back to pick up her things and they talk and both admit all they want is to be loved. Ian then suggests they get married.

“She’s shocked – until she sees the ring. It’s big!”

However, when asked if Mandy will in fact marry Ian, Nicola said, “”I don’t know! At the moment, she’s dangling that carrot in front of him and using it to get him to do what she wants…

“She has got no intention of putting out just yet. She thinks she’s being very clever.”

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