EastEnders star Nina Wadia wishes Zainab Masood had more girlfriends!

by Lynn Connolly

Nina Wadia, who of course plays Zainab Masood in EastEnders, has revealed that she wishes her character had more female friends on the Square.

As viewers will know, poor old Zainab is distinctly lacking in mates, male or female, right now, as she’s firmly in the clutches of the wicked Yusef Khan…

Like a Svengali, he’s got her so under his control that she has no idea if even her thoughts are her own. And as he’s managed to isolate her from the community, she’s getting little or no input in her life other than his, and he of course has his own agenda.

She used to be bosom buddies with Denise Fox (Diane Parish) but since they had a bust up – when Denise dated Yusef – Zainab’s been pretty friendless.

And of course, Walford’s ladies used to hold a book club once a week, of which Zainab and Denise were a part, but that’s now fallen by the Walford wayside…

Speaking to Inside Soap, Nina said that she’d like to see Zainab being friends with people like Roxy Mitchell, Shirley Carter or maybe the more pedestrian Carol Jackson.

She said, “I’d love to work more with the likes of Rita Simons, Linda Henry and Lindsey Coulson [who play the three characters].

“It would be really cool to do more book club scenes with the women of Walford.”

However, can you really see Roxy and Shirley reading a book? Much less going to a group to talk about it!

But let’s take a look a brief look at how Zainab’s friendship with Denise often turned toward the comical…

Getting back to her interview, Nina also revealed that she’d love Zainab’s daughter Shabnam to come home too.

She said, “I’m still hoping that Zahra Ahmadi will return one day.

“It would be very interesting to see how Shabnam’s matured since moving to Pakistan.”

Well, we don’t know if that’s going to happen, but what we do know is that Zainab won’t have to be in the grip of Yusef’s mind control for much longer, given that he’s due to snark it in the much hyped B&B fire at Christmas!

I’m just really hoping that Zainab ends up getting back with Masood, because if she doesn’t, I may pursue him myself! I love Nitin Ganatra – he’s just so dang cute!

Are you hoping Zainab and Mas will be together again in the New Year?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.