EastEnders star Patsy Palmer says of being a working mum, “It scrambles my brain!”

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Fans of EastEnders star Patsy Palmer – who of course plays harassed single mum Bianca Butcher – will know that she’s only recently returned to the show after taking a break in order to spend more time with her family…

However, it seems that Patsy may be regretting making a comeback given that she’s told Closer magazine that being a working mum “scrambles my brain!”

Patsy, who’s four children are aged between 21 and just two years old, said, “This whole working mum thing really scrambles with my brain…

“In the end, you feel guilty whatever you do, but if we want to give our kids the sort of life we want them to have, then I have to work.

“I love my job and my character Bianca, but my biggest challenge is keeping all the balls in the air.

“It’s full-on, but [my husband] Richard is an amazing dad and I couldn’t do it without him.

“People look at celebs and think we’re all living the perfect lifestyle, but we’re just like everybody else and have the same issues.”

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Patsy also discussed her battle with alcoholism, which it seems is still ongoing, despite the fact that she hasn’t had a drink since 2003.

She said, “It’s been an amazing process for me. I still go to weekly AA meetings.

“It’s all very anonymous and not necessarily something you share with the rest of the world day to day, but it makes me feel better and I can just be me.

“I still don’t get it right all the time, but I try to follow the steps as closely as I can.”

Here’s a reminder of Patsy’s return to EastEnders last month…

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