EastEnders star Ricky Norwood says being from a “deprived” area needn’t stop you realising your dream

EastEnders star Ricky Norwood – who of course plays the role of wide boy cockney Fatboy Chubb – has revealed that during his childhood in a deprived area of London, he was determined to make something of himself, and with resolve and hard work, he has of course done just that.

However, while speaking to What’s On TV magazine, Ricky added that few people expected him to, and he’s delighted to have proved them very wrong.

Ricky made his remarks when asked if he felt that his upbringing in the notorious Forest Gate area had held him back.

He said, “Not at all. I think it gives you more fight…

“I’m from Forest Gate, they expect me to be a shotter [drug dealer] and they expect me to have 12 babies at the age of 17. I love to prove people wrong.”

And in terms of advice to youngsters who are similarly ambitious, Ricky said, “So I would take that upon you, because you’re from this area, you know more than most, let me tell you.

“Your life experience is bigger and better than most of them. So don’t be a product of your society, ascend your society and show people that you can bring them in.”

He added, “That’s why I’m here. I’m showing you. I’m from round the corner.

“I didn’t go to drama school. I did after school club theatre, and then I went to college, and then I got out there and started writing for myself, and then I got an agent.

“It’s all about you, do it for you, and you can do it.”

Sage advice indeed from Ricky there, however, unfortunately for Fatboy, in tonight’s trip to Walford, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) is showing determination of another sort; to seduce the poor lad!

Here’s a sneak peek clip…

Good luck Fatboy!

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