EastEnders star Steve John Shepherd says Michael Moon becomes “quite beastly!”

Michael Moon is one of the great villains in Walford, for beneath his charming façade and brilliant *Ping!* smile lurks a cold and calculating monster…

Not only is he marrying Janine Malloy (Charlie Brooks) to get his hands on her money, he’s also been fleecing poor Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) of her life savings, and Alfie Moon’s (Shane Richie) but the poor sap doesn’t know he’s been robbed yet.

In fact, Michael’s such a baddie, Steve John Shepherd who plays him fears the backlash he may get from viewers as his character gets more scheming and cunning in upcoming episodes.

Speaking to Soaplife, Steve said, “I fear I’m going to be stoned in the street as Michael does become quite beastly.”

So beastly in fact that when Jean asks him for her money back, he’s set to deny she ever gave him any cash at all!

But first, when asked why Michael doesn’t just come clean and tell Janine that he’s broke, Steve said, “Because he thinks she’ll bolt if he tells her that before the wedding. He wants to seal the deal…”

However, when Jean first begs Michael to give her some money back, fearing that the Vic is about to go bust, he relents and decides he’ll give her some cash, but fate – and Janine – intervenes.

Steve explained, “Jean’s frantic and he has no choice, but to agree to sort it out. But Janine snatches the cash to pay for an even better reception venue and he’s up a gumtree.”

Of the moment that Michael denies Jean gave him any cash, Steve said, “Michael is escaping for a weekend in Paris and he and Janine are about to get in a taxi when Jean turns up.

“Michael manages to bundle Janine into the cab so she doesn’t hear what’s going on as Jean pleads with him for the money.

”He coldly turns to Jean and says, ‘What money?’

“That means it’s war – and Jean is going to put up a good fight.

“The ramifications are quite grave because people like Kat and Alfie are implicated and that’s dangerous territory.”

We’ll see that drama play out next week, and of course, Jessie Wallace is back soon in her role as Kat, so she’s bound to sort Michael out!

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  1. Dave on May 26, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Michael Moon you will be in “BIG” trouble when Kat hears what you have done to Jean

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