EastEnders: Steve McFadden wants bosses to bring back Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp)

by Anna Howell


Steve McFadden, who plays EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell, has revealed that he would be very interested for show bosses to bring back his partner in crime, brother Grant Mitchell.

Grant was last seen on our screens in 2006, leaving to live in Portugal for good with his daughter, Courtney, having made a brief return to the soap having originally left in 2009 following a nine year stint in Albert Square.

Throughout his time in the show most of his storylines involved his brother, Phil, with some of the most notable being the shootout between them and the revelation that Phil had slept with Grant’s wife, Sharon.

phil and grant mitchell, sharon watts

With this in mind, Steve McFadden, who plays Phil, was later surprised to learn that show writers had actually held a meeting to decide if Phil could become a single entity following his on-screen brother’s departure from the show, as he explained to the Daily Star:

“I do remember somebody telling me that there’d been a writers’ meeting and whether or not Phil could survive without Grant had been discussed.

“I was surprised that they were thinking about this because I believed he could, but that’s how much of a duo they were thought of.”

phil mitchell car crash eastenders (10)

However, now with Phil’s recent car crash hanging over the square which will see the return of the brother’s matriarchal mother, Peggy Mitchell played by Barbara Windsor, he thinks the time might be right for Ross Kemp, who played Grant, to return too:

“While time has moved on and we’ve proved that Phil can survive on his own, I am up for Ross coming back. It would certainly be interesting.”

barbara windsor, peggy mitchell, eastenders

On the subject of Barbara reprising her role as Peggy full time, he continued:

“As Steve the actor, yes of course I would love her to come back.

“But as her mate I just want her to do what she feels is right.”

phil mitchell car crash eastenders (11)

On the subject of his crash, he concluded:

“Phil’s like the Black Knight from Monty Python who keeps soldiering on despite getting his arms and legs chopped off.

“But this ordeal weakens him. Phil’s getting older and he’s definitely more vulnerable.”

Would you like to see the Mitchell brothers reunited on our EastEnders’ screens? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Watch a clip of the Mitchell brothers in action below:


  1. Dylan Wainman on August 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    I would love to see Ross Kemp back aka (grant) I love him as an actor and phil and grant back together yes please I hope it happens and soon I can’t wait I’ve always wanted this i’m happy now

  2. Trish on September 3, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    It woud be a joy to have the mitchell brothers and peggy back in our living room again as one happy family it’s about time something exciting happen in the programme.

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