Eastenders: Syed to die in April?

by Anna Howell

Tuesday 5th April’s Eastenders episode sees the roof of the Massood’s Argy Bargy cave in, at Tamwar’s engagement party, but reports today suggests that another member of the family might not survive the incident.

The Daily Star has reported that eldest son, Syed (Marc Elliott) will be left in a very bad way.

A source told the paper: “It looks like Syed is left in a pretty bad way and viewers will be left wondering if he will even survive.”

Syed and boyfriend, Christian (John Partridge) have not even been invited to the celebration of Tamwar’s (Himesh Patel) engagement to Afia (Meryl Fernandes), and their entrance causes quite a stir.

The party is already under way when the outcast son and partner walk in, and Tamwar’s parents waste no time in telling Syed – who was disowned when he revealed his love for Christian – that they are not welcome and must leave, much to Tamwar’s despair.

An argument breaks out, but is brought to an abrupt end when the roof of the restaurant comes crashing down around them.

Everyone gets out unscathed, but as Syed desperately tries to squeeze past a large piece of plasterboard, the roof beam above his head comes away and then crashes down on top of him, leaving him lying unconscious.

Further twists occur when the roof collapse is revealed to have been preventable, but Masood decided not to take builder Greg’s advice with regards to the roof not being safe and not suitable to hold a party under.

A BBC insider told the paper: “Masood is determined to save face and continues with the engagement do. “But Greg the builder has already warned him the roof needs repairing.

“It proves a perilous decision when the thing collapses, leaving poor Syed buried beneath the piles of rubble. And although they are estranged from him, Masood and Zainab are terribly worried about their son.

Could this be what finally mends the bridges between the warring family, as Syed’s parents are beside themselves with worry for their eldest child, maybe this will make them all see how short and precious life really is.