Eastenders: Tanya Branning and Syed go into business?

by Anna Howell

After deciding enough is enough, Eastenders’ Tanya Branning closes Roxy’s salon due to her unacceptable treatment of staff, and sets up her own make shift salon at home, enlisting the help of Syed.

Having previously stolen Roxy’s client list, Syed and Tanya decide to set up shop for themselves, enlisting the help of Christian, Roxy’s best friend, to help move their stuff out of the salon and into Tanya’s house.

Disgusted at first, and hell bent on snitching the pair out to Roxy, Christian is furious with Syed. Syed defends himself but Christian threatens to tell Roxy the truth – prompting Syed to storm off. Later, Syed informs Tanya of Christian’s intentions but Tanya insists that she doesn’t care now and is just looking forward to opening her own place after the wedding.

After several attempts to let her in on the betrayal with no luck, it would seem that Christian is starting to understand the pairs motives with regards to Roxy’s attitude, and decides not to tell her.

Christian eventually informs Syed that he won’t be telling Roxy after all. Syed then asks Christian to help him move his things out of the salon, while Tanya tells Christian to move everything to her house as she’ll be opening up her own salon in her lounge.

Horrified to see her salon closed, Roxy (Rita Simons) tries to call Tanya (Jo Joyner) for an explanation but Tanya decides not to answer the call.

Already feeling guilty over the Ronnie situation, Michael (John Shepherd) promises Roxy that he’ll find Tanya to find out what’s going on. When he sees Tanya setting up the makeshift salon at home, Tanya has to explain that Roxy has been treating her employees badly. Later, Michael suggests that Tanya should buy the salon.

That will do wonders for your your guilt Michael, hope her back didn’t damage your knife.