EastEnders: Tanya Branning’s mother Cora Cross and sister Rainie return to Walford

In BBC One’s EastEnders, Tanya, her mother and sister reunite in Walford this spring but will they bury the hatchet or will they ‘Cross’ swords once again?

Tanya’s life seems as though it is all going well after the rollercoaster of the past two years. However, just as she gets ready to wed again, she is set for a big shock when her mother descends upon Walford.

Cora Cross is nothing like her daughter, Tanya. She is brash and says exactly what is on her mind no matter who she offends.

Cora’s arrival in Walford takes Tanya completely by surprise when husband-to-be Greg secretly invites her to their wedding. When Cora sees Tanya in her new surroundings it is clear that Cora thinks Tanya has done very well for herself considering her background but she also thinks that her daughter has become a snob.

Cora also arrives on the Square with a secret mission in mind, to build a bridge between Tanya and her sister, Rainie.

Rainie hasn’t seen Tanya since she fled Albert Square last year following her drug-fuelled fling with Phil Mitchell but now she’s cleaned up her act and is ready to make amends with her family.

Tanya is not impressed when Rainie turns up unexpectedly at her hen night but Cora vouches for her daughter, stating that she has turned over a new leaf. Tanya soon softens towards Rainie and her mother but will the harmony last between all three women or will past problems cause the women to cross swords once again?

Cora Cross will be played by Ann Mitchell, the award-winning classical actress who has appeared in numerous films, theatre and television roles. Ann is due to appear in The Stock Da’wa, directed by Kathy Burke, at Hampstead next month and features in the upcoming remake of The Deep Blue Sea, directed by the great Terrance Davies.

Ann says: “As a lifelong fan of EastEnders I am thrilled to join the cast. I am a great fan of June Brown’s and am looking forward to sharing some scenes with her.”

Bryan Kirkwood, Executive Producer of EastEnders, adds: “I’m very excited to have the much-loved Ann Mitchell joining us. Cora Cross is a formidable woman, cut from the same cloth as many glorious Walford women of the past, and Ann Mitchell is just perfect for the role.”

Tanya Franks will be reprising her role of Rainie Cross. Tanya has appeared in numerous films and television programmes including Skins, Ashes To Ashes and Pulling.