Eastenders this week: Tony Is Found Out!

by Lynn Connolly

On Monday, it’s Whitney’s sixteenth birthday – the day she and Tony were supposed to be starting a new life together. As Bianca puts the finishing touches to her cake, Whitney’s upstairs with the door locked, her belongings packed, passport at the ready. Bianca knocks on the door and gives Whitney her present, a porcelain doll to replace the one her real mother gave her when she was born. Whitney feels guilty about what she’s about to do to Bianca but she’s still determined to start a new life with Tony abroad.

Later, Whitney heads downstairs where her party’s in full swing to see Bianca hugging Tony. Lauren exchanges looks with Tony, just as Pat returns. Ricky immediately pulls her to one side and tells her that he saw Tony shouting at Whitney the other week. Ricky however brushes off Pat’s suggestion that he should tell Bianca. Feigning a headache, Whitney heads upstairs and Tony follows. Whitney reminds him that they’re booked on a flight to Spain so they can start their new life together. Despite Tony’s protestations, Whitney’s determined they’re going but when Morgan and Tiffany take a giant teddy up to her, she begins to cry.

Tony goes to check on Whitney again as she’s not returned to the party and he soon begins to panic when Whitney says that she can’t go on lying to Bianca any longer. She demands that they leave in secret so Bianca doesn’t get hurt. Tony tries his best to postpone their leaving saying they can get a refund and leave at a later date but Whitney’s at breaking point. Returning to the party, Tony bumps into Lauren in the hall and asks if she likes her necklace. He reaches out and touches her neck but she instinctively takes a step back. Bianca makes her way upstairs to see where Whitney is and asks her what’s wrong, she replies. “It’s Tony…”

Elsewhere, Jack’s pushing for the DNA test but Roxy’s adamant that Sean’s the father but later, Roxy takes a swab from Sean while he’s asleep. Bradley gives Dot the suitcase full of cash while Lauren decides that it’s time to move back home where she belongs. Finally, Libby suggests that Lucas and Denise go on holiday, but Lucas worries that if they shared a room, he’d be too tempted to sleep with her.

In Tuesday’s episode, Whitney’s so upset she can’t look Bianca in the eye. She struggles with how to tell Bianca what’s been happening but she eventually tells her stepmother that she loves Tony. Thinking it’s a teenage crush, Bianca comforts Whitney, but she’s completely taken aback when Whitney says she’s been sleeping with Tony. Bianca’s world is thrown into turmoil as Whitney reveals that the affair’s been ongoing for the last three years. Bianca’s emotions soon turn to anger as she heads downstairs to confront Tony.

Bianca drags Tony into the kitchen and demands the truth, but Tony denies all of Whitney’s claims and protests that he’s a loving fiancé and father. Turning the situation on its head, Tony threatens to leave saying he can’t live with mistrust, prompting Bianca to panic. Tony goes on to claim that Whitney hates Bianca and was planning on leaving earlier in the day to get away from her. Angered by Whitney’s revelation to Bianca, Tony heads upstairs to her bedroom and demands that she put things right. He tries to manipulate Whitney, but to her, things couldn’t be simpler; she’s free to leave Walford with him now she’s turned 16. Meanwhile Bianca, who’s listening in, overheard his manipulation and forcefulness with her step-daughter. Bianca runs to the bathroom and is sick, before running into the bedroom.

Trying to explain the situation away, Tony claims that Whitney came onto him. As Bianca accuses Tony of child abuse, Whitney storms in and defends him but Tony suddenly bolts down the stairs past Ricky. Bianca asks everyone to leave before telling Tony that she’s called the police. He doesn’t believe her but he’s worried so he agrees to leave. Chasing Tony upstairs, Whitney’s in a state of panic but Tony breaks her heart when he tells her that he’s leaving Walford alone and that their relationship is over before running out.

Bianca tries to explain to Whitney that what happened to her was completely wrong, but at that moment, Tony returns to the house and heads upstairs to find his passport before leaving the house for the final time. Bianca shouts him and demands he tell Whitney that what he did was wrong. He stands there in silence before bolting across the street but the police roll onto the Square and quickly pin him down before arresting him.

On Thursday, at Pat’s house the family struggles to deal with the aftermath of the events of last night. Ian stands outside and suggests that history’s repeating itself, but Ricky’s disgusted by his comments. Outside, Ian tells Masood that Bianca has a fling with her mother’s boyfriend however Ricky shuts the pair of them up when he tells them that the abuse with Whitney began when she was twelve. Inside, Pat’s furious with Ricky for telling the neighbours about what’s happened. With Bianca refusing to talk to anyone, Ricky lets Pat know that the police have called to say they’re sending someone round with a social worker. Pat meanwhile feels helpless when Whitney refuses to talk to her too. After speaking with Pat, Bianca eventually starts talking and asks after Whitney.

Ricky reveals that he walked in on Tony being aggressive with Whitney the other week, prompting Bianca to further question how this could happen under her own roof. Bianca reprimands Ricky and tells him that he should’ve told her about what he saw. When Ricky tries to talk to Whitney about last night, he’s shocked by her harsh reaction. Two police offers and social worker then turn up at the house and want to talk with Bianca because even though Tony’s in custody, he’s refusing to talk. As she worries about the other kids, it soon dawns on her that Tony was never interested in her in the first place – it was only Whitney that kept him there.

Bianca tries to convince Whitney to talk to the police about what happened, otherwise they won’t be able to charge Tony with anythin but Whitney swears that she’ll never discuss the situation with anyone.

Elsewhere, Lauren opens up to Jane about Tony and worries that she could have been his next victim and the residents of the Square are furious that Lucas hired Tony at the community centre. After finding the community centre window smashed in, Lucas is confronted by an angry mob of locals who want the community centre closed down.

On Friday, Roxy’s anxious as the DNA results are due today. Oblivious to what’s going on, Peggy happily tells Roxy that Sean called to let them know that Amy smiled for the first time. Despite Peggy’s positive comments about Sean, Archie’s far from pleased. As Roxy leaves for the hospital, she asks Christian to intercept the results letter before it’s delivered to The Vic. When she arrives at the hospital, Roxy’s overcome with blind panic when she finds that Amy’s incubator is empty, but she’s delighted when she turns to find Sean cradling her.

Taking Amy in her arms for the first time, Sean happily hugs them both. Back on the Square, Christian catches up with Masood, only to hear that Roxy needs to sign for the letter. When Roxy finally gets her hands on it, she’s interrupted by Billy. Another attempt is later foiled by Sean stirring in his sleep. After finally managing to open the results, she’s studying the letter when she hears Billy screaming from the cellar – the crates have fallen on top of him. Roxy’s forced to hide the results in a box of crisps.

Meanwhile, Denise tries to mark Kevin’s birthday on Arthur’s bench but stops when she sees a battered Lucas. He tells her that he’s got to go to the police station later that day to give a statement about Tony. Denise runs to the café and confronts Ian and Phil about Lucas’s injuries. She’s stunned to hear that Lucas put the two guys who gave him a beating in hospital. Not wanting to let the yobs who attacked Lucas win, Denise opens up at the community centre. She later gives him an ultimatum – give up on the youth club and he gives up on her.

Elsewhere, Bianca and the family try to come to terms with the events of the last few days.


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.