EastEnders: Tony Discipline (Tyler Moon) hit clubber so hard it shattered his jaw, it is said in court!

by Anna Howell

As the court case of EastEnders star, Tony Discipline (Tyler Moon) begins, details of the charges against him have been released.

Tony, who plays Tyler in the award-winning BBC soap, EastEnders, apparently shattered the jaw of a fellow clubber on a night out after he mocked him after the pair began rowing following a comment made about Discipline’s shirt.
According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Discipline hit  21-year-old Hayden Deol so hard he needed emergency surgery to insert two titanium plates in his mouth, after  Hayden’s cousin Sab Deol, also 21, joked ‘Don’t you wear that T-shirt to work?’ as the TV star walked past.

It is reported that the actor hit both men during the fray after following Sab Deol into the VIP area of celebrity hotspot Merah in the early hours of May 21 last year, whilst out partying with some EastEnders co-stars, Bunmi Mojekwu, who played Mercy Olubunmi, and Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney Dean.

Prosecutor Riel Karmy-Jones told a jury at Southwark Crown Court yesterday: ‘The prosecution case in a nutshell is that this defendant, Tony Discipline, went out for a night out with friends to a night club.

“Whether they were celebrating or just out for a good night is unclear but, during the early hours of the morning, words were exchanged with someone in another group, Sab Deol.

“As a result of what was said the defendant became angry and struck out at Sab Deol and his cousin Hayden Deol, punching them.

“Although Sab Deol suffered little injury the defendant hit Hayden Deol which such force that he broke his jaw in two places with a single blow.

“As a result Hayden Deol had to have surgery under general anaesthetic in order to have plates put into his jaw.’

Ms Karmy-Jones added that  it was ‘undoubtedly the case’ that Sab Deol had ‘acted foolishly’ mocking Discipline’s clothing, but that:   “The Crown say that the defendant’s reaction thereafter went well beyond what was reasonable and that it is never right to respond to words, even if taunts, with the use of fists.

“That’s what this defendant did by not letting the taunt drop, by following Sab Deol into the VIP area, and by punching Sab Deol and Hayden Deol with such force that he broke his jaw.

“The Crown does not suggest that he intended to do that but that is what happened as a result of him losing his temper.”

Discipline, who joined the soap in June to play the Moon brother, had not appeared on screen at the time of the attack, and denies causing grievous bodily harm and common assault.

The trial continues.