EastEnders: Will Mandy Salter wed Ian Beale or leave Walford a single woman?!

As fans of EastEnders will know, Nicola Stapleton will once again bow out of the role of Mandy Salter this summer…

But of course, the big question is, will her character Mandy leave Walford as the fifth Mrs Beale, or will her marriage to Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) go awry?

Well, the show’s bosses are keeping the answer to that question firmly under wraps, however, they have hinted at an “explosive” departure for Mandy.

A show insider told TV Biz, “We’re keeping a tight lid on exactly what happens on Mandy and Ian’s wedding day.”

And in an interview with Soaplife, Nicola has been similarly cagey about what’s set to happen, but she did discuss events in the lead up to Mandy and Ian’s big day, including the return of toxic mum Lorraine Salter (Victoria Alcock) in upcoming episodes.

Of that, Nicola said, “Mandy’s not pleased to see her [mum] at all. Lorraine tells Mandy she’s unwell but Mandy doesn’t believe her and tells her to go…

“When Lorraine shows up again, though, she seems to be in pain and Mandy takes her home.

“Ian is furious. He says that he doesn’t want Lorraine in the house and forbids Mandy from seeing her.”

It seems that Mandy doesn’t put up much of a fight at Ian’s declaration, and Nicola added, “Just as Mandy’s about to turn her back on Lorraine, she collapses and is taken to hospital.

“Ian doesn’t want Mandy to visit her mum, but she ignores him and goes. When he finds out, he’s really angry.”

However, true to form, Lorraine isn’t grateful to Mandy for showing up, and she unleashes a vile string of hurtful words at her daughter.

Of that, Nicola said, “Lorraine’s vile to her. She tells Mandy she never loved her.

“That was really emotional to film. There were a lot of tears.

“Mandy tries her hardest, but she’s properly defeated by it all.”

And finally, of the wedding plans, Nicola revealed that things begin to go downhill when Ian tells Mandy they can’t afford to take a cruise for their honeymoon.

She said, “He tells her a honeymoon cruise is too expensive, but after another row he feels guilty and offers to splash out on the cruise…

”I’m not so sure they’re going to have a happy ending.”

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