Ed Sheeran teases next album, Usher duet & career break!

by Martin
Ed Sheeran in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge
Ed Sheeran could be taking a well deserved break

Ed Sheeran could be taking a well deserved break

Earlier this week it was revealed that popular British musician Ed Sheeran could be taking a break after his international tour and quite frankly, we don’t blame him.

2014 has been incredible for the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ star because of the success he’s had with his latest album ‘X’ both here in the UK and across the pond.

While he’s still promoting ‘X,’ conversation has turned to his next album, after it was reported that the record might not drop until 2016. However now, in a new interview with Billboard Sheeran has said it could come much sooner.

Sheeran confirmed that while he’s on the road he’s writing new music and said that the next album could be released straight after the tour if it’s finished on time.

“I’m writing and recording on the road, preparing for the third album. If it’s done by the end of the tour, it’ll come out straight after the tour.” he explained.

“But if not, it’ll come out in 2016. There’s an Usher [song] coming. I went to a Passover seder with him at a Jewish friend’s house.” he went on to say.

The ‘Sing’ star went on to explain that they shared “a lot of red wine” and ended up in the studio with Skrillex where they made a beat.

Ed Sheeran at Radio 1's Big Weekend (© BBC)

Ed Sheeran at Radio 1’s Big Weekend (© BBC)

The musician surprised fans during his interview with The Sun where he confessed that ‘Thinking Out Loud’ will probably be the last single to be released from ‘X’.

His reasoning was that he believes “three is a good number”. On his first album ‘+’ six singles were released and he confessed “it felt too much”.

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