Ed Sheeran comments on his tour in October and his forthcoming album

by Martin
Ed Sheeran has already scored himself the fastest selling artist album of 2014

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Ed Sheeran looks set to have an incredibly busy 2014 with a tour of UK and Ireland planned for October and the release to his 2011 debut album ‘+’.

In interviews on the radio Sheeran discussed how the tour will work and how he fell in and out of love with his second album which we found out yesterday would be released before the tour.

Yesterday morning Ed Sheeran took to Twitter to announce a tour for later in the year and following the announcement his manager used his own Twitter account to answer questions tweeted by fans.

One question was in regards to Sheeran’s new album to which he replied that it would be out before the tour begins in October.

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Ed Sheeran spoke with Capital FM this morning about how the tour will work and discussed how simple the tour will be in terms of production.

He said: “There’s going to be no bands, no back dancers, no backing singers, no flames, no fireworks – just me with an acoustic guitar for two hours hopefully playing songs that people know.”

Producer Rick Rubin is working with Ed on his new album and told Ed that he should imagine his tracks as pizza:

“If you view a recording as a pizza, the main part of a pizza is the base, and without the base and the tomato sauce on it, you can’t build anything on that. So the base is the live performance. So you perform it live with an acoustic guitar, however you want to do it, and record that as the main track.”

“And then after is when you sprinkle the cheese on, you put a bit of bass on it, you put on herbs, i.e. drums, then you put on some pepperoni if you’re into that. Some songs are the margheritas, some songs are the four cheese ones; it differs.”

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran also spoke with BBC Radio 1 and spoke about the new album and admitted that at times he would fall in and out of love with his new project.

It took producer¬†Rick Rubin to step in and make some changes before he’d like the songs. He said:

“It was one of these things that I fell in and out of love with.¬†[Rick Rubin] re-energized me to be excited about the album again.”

“[It was] coming at the songs from a different direction and making sure they had the live vibe as well as the actual song craft.”

Listen to Ed Sheeran’s contribution to ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ below.