Ellie Goulding changed her accent to sound more well spoken

by Martin


Ellie Goulding has spoken recently about when she first launched her career in music and how she changed her accent because she was ashamed and didn’t want people to judge her.

Naturally I always thought the singer-songwriter was always a little posh but it seems like she may have tweaked that herself because she believed people would think she sounded poor.

Goulding, who recently scored her first UK number 1 single with ‘Burn’ sat down with The Guardian newspaper and admitted that to begin with she was ashamed at her accent and explained that she changed it so people wouldn’t judge her.


The songstress said:”I became fixated on speaking well. I felt like people just knew I was from a council house and that I was poor because of the way I spoke. I feel silly because I’m notashamed of the Hereford accent now and it’s too late to get it back.”

Ellie, who is set to tour the UK next year also spoke recently about her hobby – running and how she had to stop fans running with her because it got to the stage where they’d start skipping school just to run alongside her.


She said: “At one point, I wanted to find a way to interact with my fans that wasn’t weird or awkward and I wanted to meet them properly.”

“I figured if I got them to come running with me, it would be slightly less confrontational and strange and so because they were focused on the run, it meant we could have proper conversations and stuff. I was just really intrigued as to what kind of people my fans were…”

“I did it for a while and then it got a bit hectic and fans were turning up that were too young and were meant to be in school and stuff like that, so it kind of got a bit messy and I had to stop it.”