Ellie Goulding had to stop inviting fans to go running with her

by Martin


Ellie Goulding has admitted in an interview that while she used to allow fans to go running with her she had to stop as it was getting out of control.

The English beauty allowed fans to join her while running so she could meet them in a different way as opposed to at gigs or signings and without thousands of others there all wanting the same thing.

The ‘Starry Eyed’ singer is an avid runner but has revealed to Queen Latifah that when she goes out on a run she no longer reveals where she is going because younger fans began to skip school to join her.

She admitted that it originally began as a way for her to meet her fans in a way that wasn’t awkward and was a different way to meet up with her followers but it soon got out of control.


Speaking with Queen Latifah she said: “At one point, I wanted to find a way to interact with my fans that wasn’t weird or awkward and I wanted to meet them properly.”

“I figured if I got them to come running with me, it would be slightly less confrontational and strange and so because they were focused on the run, it meant we could have proper conversations and stuff. I was just really intrigued as to what kind of people my fans were…”

Ellie continued: “I did it for a while and then it got a bit hectic and fans were turning up that were too young and were meant to be in school and stuff like that, so it kind of got a bit messy and I had to stop it.”


“I’d like to do it again at some point. I’ve done runs with fans all over the world… It’s pretty fun.”

Earlier today the beauty also revealed her latest music video for ‘How Long Will I Love You’ which is lifted from her recently repackaged album ‘Halcyon Days’.

You’ll also notice at the start of the video that the song will be featured in an upcoming short film ‘Tom & Issy’ which has been created by Roger Mitchell.