Embarrassing Bodies medic Dr Pixie McKenna says people stop her and ask for a diagnosis!

Dr Pixie McKenna, who fronts hit Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies alongside fellow medics Christian Jessen and Dawn Harper, has told TV Choice magazine that people regularly stop her on the street to ask for an on-the-spot diagnosis of their ailments.

Of the fact that she’s recognised from the show, Pixie said, “You’re fair game, especially to taxi drivers for some reason.

“Only last week a gentleman had a big lump on his head and said, ‘Could you look at it when you get out the taxi?’

“It’s part and parcel of the job. It’s only difficult if it’s embarrassing or if they start removing their clothing… but that only tends to happen late at night!”

Pixie, who is expecting her first baby and who lives in both Cork and London – where she has a clinic on Baker Street – added that she often has to refuse to dole out medical advice to everyone who asks…

She said, “You have to be compassionate and caring to be a doctor but, by the same token, you couldn’t take it outside the surgery door, either.

“I’ve got a ‘doctor mode’ and an off mode, and I’ve got two names as well so it’s very easy to switch off.”

Pixie added that her husband tends to end up doing a lot of the errands in their household as of course, he’s not recognised by anyone.

She said, “If I go to the supermarket, I insist on wearing sunglasses so he won’t take me any more!”

Don’t miss the new series of Embarrassing Bodies, which begins on Channel 4 on Monday, March 5.

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