Embarrassing Fat Bodies final – Andy Hale gets a gastric band & Dr Dawn steps in to reduce a 6,000 calorie a day diet!

by Lisa McGarry

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The current series of Embarrassing Fat Bodies is coming to an end and tonight, at 9PM on Channel 4 the last episode of the new run goes out.

While last week’s weight loss special focussed on ‘toilet troubles’ – and boy that was a hard show to watch – this evening’s instalment will centre around ‘Over Eaters’ and the doctors will meet with people struggling with addictions, food phobias and a few who are described as ‘super morbidly obese.’

First up is a desperately unhappy 40 year old man, who struggles with joint pain, sores, boils, rashes, sleeping problems, skin infections and is so large that he can’t cope without a carer who lives with him all the time.

Dr Dawn takes on his case and visits the patient’s home, to help him try to find a way to control his 6000-calorie-a-day diet and to restrict his eating and mobilise him once more.

Embarrassing Fat Bodies Leanne HLL

Dr Pixie has issues of her own and her patient Leanne is struggling, as her bulky frame is causing her insides to literally reverse and the weight she’s carrying has caused a massive hernia, which is leaving her in pain much of the time.

embarrassing bodies

Meanwhile, Dr Christian attends to yo-yo dieter Andy Hale, who has sustained long periods of weight loss previously. He has lost and gained 14 stone four times through the help of a gastric band operation but when it eventually failed, the medical team wanted a new way to help him stay at a healthy weight.

Hale told The Daily Echo:

“Initially the weight was just coming off, and it was easy for me, but as time wore on I found my tolerances for foods I hadn’t been able to eat after the operation increased, and slowly I began to eat more bad foods and the weight crept back on.”

“I was around 22 stone when I spoke to my surgeon again, who suggested a new procedure which involved a much lower chance of relapse and would help me keep the weight off long term.””

Later in the episode, Dr Christian comes into contact with a lady whose is so afraid of food, that she has never allowed a fruit or vegetable to enter her mouth.

In the Flab Lab the team look at cholesterol an reveal why it is important to have in small quantities in the human body, but how too much of the bad kind can lead to premature death.

And Dr Pixie throws a tea party for a group of hungry youngsters to understand why they go for the chip sticks instead of carrots.

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