Emma Thompson, Paddy McGuinness and Brooke Shields on Jonathan Ross Show tonight

by Lisa McGarry

Actress Emma Thompson has revealed to chat show host Jonathan Ross that she was mistaken for a man whilst walking naked through a field at her home in Scotland.

Emma said that the confusion came to light one night last summer when she was in bed and she had a knock at the door from a policeman.

She said: “He said, ‘Oh, hello, I’m sorry to bother you, it’s very difficult to find up here.’ And I said, ‘Yes, that’s the idea.’ ‘But we’ve just had someone ring up to say that you’ve had an intruder on your land.’ And I said, ‘An intruder?’ Picturing immediately an axe man behind a bush, and I said, ‘Really when? What sort of an intruder?’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘There was a dog walker, coming up through the path, saw a naked man, about 50 years old coming through your field.’ And I said, ‘Really?’ Thinking naked axe man behind bush, immediately.

“And I was really worried, it was terrifying. I said, ‘What time?’ ‘Well, it was during the day, sometime in the afternoon,’ From behind me, on the stairs, Guyer, in her pjs was going, ‘Wasn’t that about the time that you came up from the river, mum?’ Because behind the house there’s a field and a pond. And there’s sheep in the field, but they don’t mind if I walk up naked. And I thought, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’ Making the connection I could see the same thing happening to the policeman. And I could see him, as he backed off, and I was thinking, he’s going to go back to the station and he’s going to say, ‘You see that Emma Thompson? Her tits must be so low that from a distance they read as testicles.’

“I nearly lifted up my nightie to show that they’re not that bad.”

Paddy McGuinness told Jonathan that he’ll be forever grateful to Peter Kay for getting him his break into showbusiness.

He said: “I started doing gigs here and there…and then Peter did a show called The Peter Kay Thing, which had the original Phoenix Nights in it. I did that and it was great and then I went back to work and I thought, ‘That was a nice little treat.’ And then he rang me up and he said, ‘We’re doing Phoenix Nights,’ And he really dug his heels in for me, Pete, on that, because he didn’t have as much clout as he has now and I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

He added: “Peter had a lot of faith in me, and he knew I could do it. So we did Phoenix Nights and then I finished and went back to my job in a leisure centre. It was only when Max and Paddy came along and he said, ‘look, let’s write this together, leave your job.’ And it was a big deal for me…I lived with my mum at the time, we didn’t have much money and I liked that security of knowing your wage is coming in. And I kind of just thought, let’s give it a go and touch wood, it’s worked out ok.”

Jonathan: “What were you doing at the leisure centre? Were you a personal trainer?”

Paddy: “Yes, I was Peter’s personal trainer. I don’t like to talk about it, it’s not a good advert.”

Also during the show, Brooke Shields reminisced about her relationship with George Michael and how she thought he wrote Careless Whisper about her.

She said he was dropping her off at her house after a date when she thought she was going to lose her virginity to him.

She said: “He said to the driver, to drive around for a bit. I was like, ‘This is it, it’s going to happen. It’s going to be in the back of a limo and it’s going to be with Wham.’ And the partition went up and then he said to me, ‘I think we need to take a break, I need to concentrate on my career.’ And I was like, ‘Oh,’ I was so heartbroken. I went back to college and when I heard the song, ‘never going to dance again’ I thought it was about me.”

She also talked about her relationship with Michael Jackson. She said: “When I married and had children I became less in his life…I lived on the east coast, primarily, and he lived on the west coast. Our contact was mostly by phone or writing.

“We met when I was 13, and I never wanted anything from him. I had my own life and my own work, I didn’t need anything from him, to get anything from him…He was secure around me. He didn’t feel threatened. I had nothing to judge him about.”

She added: “We were like little kids in this really adult world and we got to hang onto each other and be little kids. That was a gift.”